Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beautiful Time in Idaho

Beautiful. That's the main way I'd describe our time in Idaho for Jared's dad's funeral. Beautiful to see the love pouring in from the community in the form of cakes and soups and visits and flowers (every 1/2 hour it seemed, more food or flowers or kind comforting people showed up). Beautiful to see the whole family together (all 46 of us - 28 grandkids - one missing because he's in the MTC - 9 siblings, 8 spouses and Portia) - sharing memories, crying, laughing, enjoying a bonus family reunion while joining together in our sadness that no family reunion will ever be quite the same again without Lynn. Beautiful to see different groups of adults and kids and teenagers bonding over snowmobiling and playing in the snow and playing games and staying up until all hours chatting. Beautiful snow sparkling in the sun and gorgeous Tetons in the distance beyond the fields dotted with cattle. Beautiful funeral full of memories and love and laughter and gentle tears. Beautiful to see lines of people wrapping all around the church for the viewing, waiting to greet their beloved Portia and say goodbye to their beloved Lynn - people whose lives Lynn and Portia touched during their Utah State days, their Army days, Lynn's time in the leadership of Future Farmers of America and the Idaho State Legislature days, people they've helped along the way in random ways, people who bought great bulls from them, farming friends - Lynn touched everyone he met with friendliness and kindness and Portia and Lynn were so good at keeping in touch with people and inviting anyone and everyone to their home and cabin. What a beautiful, healing time this was!

They did a 21 gun salute, draped the casket with the flag, then folded it and gave it to Portia.

Click on this if you want to see this photo decently - this is just Lynn's kids and spouses,
grandkids, brother and sister and spouses. Quite a posterity!
The signs say things Lynn always said "I'm so proud of you," "So and So is such a good person - and he's a Democrat!" "we're all tired now..." (when he was going to bed and recommended the same to everyone else), "Hardly a day goes by that we don't hear something wonderful about our kids and grandkids."

28 Loosli Grandkids - the twins were not happy about this photo-op!
The sign says "It's never too early for a tootsie roll!"
Grandpa ALWAYS had a tootsie roll in his pocket for every kid who came along.
Mark giving Liza, Logan and Silas a ride
the four 4-year-olds - Silas, Logan, Oliver and Mason

Most people took off the day after the funeral but our family stayed a few more days along with Jared's sister Michelle (who's still there for a bit). We loved having some extra time without quite so much of a crowd to really focus on Grandma, get some little things done around the house for her and enjoy time with Michelle (who lives in DC so we don't get to see her as often as we'd like) and Jared's brother Brian and family (they live across the street from Jared's mom). We got to go to watch Mark's team win a District basketball game (Mark's Brian's son) - such a fun game to watch! And the kids and I went to watch the Ashton Dog Derby take off - a 100 mile dog sled race - while Jared had a great day of skiing with Brian. It really was such a good week away and I'm so glad we could be there and spend quality time with so many people that we love. The kids absolutely loved being with all their cousins and couldn't get enough of the snow. They built snow forts and had snowball fights and kind Mark gave snowmobile rides one after another for hours on end. I got some work done with my trusy laptop and helping with lots of little things and enjoyed chatting and talking with everyone.
Ash and Ike with their favorite basketball star- Mark
The starting line for the dog sled race
COLD! But SOOOOO fun to meet all the dogs and see the race begin
So fun to be there with Grandma and Michelle
The dogs were so beautiful and so friendly - the kids loved them so much

So now we're back in the saddle, feeling somewhat caught-up after a week away. We came home to a beautifully clean house thanks to Jonah and Aja who stayed here while we were gone so they could keep be out of their house during the Parade of Homes. Everyone here's been so nice - asking if they could do anything to help, offering condolences. A death in the family helps you see how very kind everyone around you can be. There is so much kindness in the world!


Eyrealm said...

WOW! We are SO glad that we got to be there at the funeral. What an amazing person Lynn is! We are especially grateful that we got some one-on-one time with him at your house that last visit. It's so fun to see what happened after we left! How very blessed you are to be a part of this fabulous family! The funeral was such a wonderful celebration of an amazing life! Sure love you Looslis!

Anna and Ryan said...

Hey Saren and Jared. I just heard the news about Jared's dad. I'm so sorry. It broke my heart to read your kids' reaction to the news. I hope that they are doing ok. My best to you all.


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