Monday, February 16, 2009

Eliza's Birthday

Well, somehow in the midst of sadness and preparing to head out for Grandpa's funeral, Eliza's birthday turned out great. It was good to have a diversion to keep us all going and it was very nice to think of Grandpa watching his sweet beautiful little granddaughter do all her favorite things on her birthday as we focused on making her birthday wishes come true rather than focusing on sadness for a while.
Birthday breakfast - granola, yoghurt and berriesHere's my attempt to do Liza's hair like Pollyanna as per her wish - she was thrilled!

We kicked off the day with a special birthday breakfast and some gifts then Liza was treated to parties and treats at school since the school celebrated Valentine's Day right on her birthday. Jared and I picked her up a bit early from school and took her out to lunch. Ash, Ike, Ollie and Si, Ana, Camden, and Liza's two best friends Olivia and Gracie came in the afternoon for Liza's "Pajama princess art tea party". They all wore their PJ's as Liza had requested and had a great evening making necklaces and crowns, reading princess stories and enjoying a fancy tea party as well as decorating and eating heart cookies (Liza's birthday tradition). Liza was all smiles all day and was all sweetness and light the whole day. This girl is so thankful and fun - especially when she's getting exactly what she asked for!
Liza's favorite stories read by Ashton
Tea party complete with cucumber sandwiches and jam tarts Ana, Olivia, Liza and Gracie
Making crowns and necklacesHappy birthday to our wonderful Eliza!


Em said...

Hello! I'm just a wandering blogger and came to your blog. I got a little home sick looking at your photos.
You must live in So. Utah. The mountains through your windows look like Snow Canyon.
I grew up in Hurricane. Now I live on the East Cost trying to figure out what way is North.
Beautiful family. Enjoy the red sand-
I'm staring at a frozen pond and naked trees.

shawni said...

so cute Sar. I love that little Eliza. Give her a big late b-day hug from us will you? I love her new cute glasses!

Eyrealm said...

What an adorable girl! How you pulled that off with all that was going on is incredible! Where were Eliza's glasses this last weekend? I almost forgot about them! She sure is full of pizzaz...with or without the glasses! Thanks for sharing!
Love, Mom

Evans Fam said...

Happy Birthday to Eliza. Love keeping up on your lives through your blog. We are so sorry to hear about Jared's dad....We send our best wishes and love your way.


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