Monday, October 19, 2009


About 10 minutes from our house, there's this beautiful little hike that leads to amazing views and some pretty amazing petroglyphs. We discovered it a while back and went back in the last couple weeks with two different sets of friends. First we went with the Kohlers (above) and they introduced us to "letterboxing" which made the hike way more exciting for the kids than it had been previously. As well as finding all these fun and interesting petroglyphs, we had a print-out that gave us landmarks to look for so that we could find a "letterbox" where we all got to sign our name and see the names of everyone else who has ever found that letter box. What a fun idea! There are lettterboxes to look for on great hikes all over the country and "letterboxing" makes a hike into more of a treasure hunt, making it infinitely more exciting for the kids. Check it out if you want -

As well as finding the letter box, the kids were so excited to find ancient petrogyphs as the scrambled around on the rocks - that was like a treasure hunt in and of itself. I'd love to know what these symbols meant to those who placed them there so many years ago - or if they were just a bunch of teenagers doing some graffiti!

The view from the ridge where the petroglyphs are - so beautiful!

With our friends the Harringtons from CA - we took them there the week after we went with the Kohlers.

Good stuff!
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