Monday, January 04, 2010

Jared's Birthday and New Year's Eve

Jared's officially old now. Not as old as me, but I swear he's getting closer every year. And that distinguished gray hair of his helps me feel a little better about things.

Anyway, as usual, Jared's birthday ended up partially usurped by New Year's Eve festivities and travel as we went from Ashton, ID to SLC but it turned out to be a great day. We started with eggs benedict for breakfast (Jared's favorite and quite an ordeal - especially when you're not in your own kitchen - but worth it!) with Jared's sister Michelle at the farm. Then we threw everything in the car, had our last hour chatting with Michelle while taking her to the airport in Idaho Falls on our way to SLC. We listened to a fun book on tape (thanks Tal and Audible!) in the car and before we knew it we were at our destination in Centerville - Tony Burgers. My cousin opened this supposedly amazing burger place last year and we've all been anxious to try it (especially Jared who's quite a burger connoisseur). Tony Burgers was all that we'd hoped for and more - way to go Chris and Nicky! They've got this secret hamburger mix and such wonderful fresh everything. From there, we met up with a bunch of my cousins' kids and my Aunt Lena along with my parents and Josh, Charity, her new boyfriend and Eli and Julie at this bounce-house place called Kangaroo Zoo. After being in the car all day, the kids loved running around while all the adults chatted in relative peace. It was more of a birthday party place for a 5 year old than for a 35 year old, but Jared loved seeing the kids have so much fun.

Then the whole group migrated over to my other cousin's new restaurant - Arella Pizzaria (luckily for Jared my two cousins just happened to open up restaurants with his two favorite foods - burgers and Italian food - I'm sure they did it just for him...). Arella opened a few weeks ago. The decor was fabulous (no surprise coming from Lindsay) and the food was very tasty - they've got this authentic brick oven and have perfected their dough and sauce - they've really got it all right. My parents and Aunt Lena gave Jared the perfect birthday present by sitting with all the kids so that Jared and I could enjoy some great adult conversation with some of our favorite people and it was great to have my dear cousins all around - some eating, some serving, some cooking.

But wait, there's more. From Arella, we went up to my parents' place at Park City to play games by their massive Christmas tree and roaring fire and brought in the New Year with fake champagne and lots of hugs and kisses and little kids all over, giddy with excitement at staying up all the way until tomorrow.

I sure married me a great guy. He asks so little and gives so much. He's so capable but so humble. He's so tough but so kind. He's the most selfless, patient and generous person I've ever met. And he's pretty darn handsome - that always helps. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

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Eyrealm said...

I absolutely love this blog entry because I didn't get any of these pictures except on my phone, which i don't know how to transfer to a blog yet, so HURRAY! Great pictures and didn't we have FUN!


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