Friday, January 08, 2010

The Sweetest Little Boys

The twins are playing under the dining room table where I am working on my laptop on Power of Moms (it's time to really get going on marketing Learning Circles and updating the site). I love hearing snippets of their pretending. Here's what I just caught.

Si: Can I play with you? (in a high squeaky voice)
Ollie: No, you're a girl and only army truck boys can play.
Si: But I'm really nice and I'm tough. (high voice)
Ollie: Well, OK, I'll let you try but first I got to go potty. (then they ran off to the bathroom together)
Now they're sitting by me, counting the chapters in a book and finding the numbers on each page.

I was at the kids' school yesterday morning volunteering and had a couple teachers ask whether the twins would be at the school next year (I think they were calculating how many more volunteer hours they might get out of me if I had all my kids at the school...). When I told them they'd be starting next fall, I felt that little rise you get in your throat and that extra wetness in your eyes. My babies are turning FIVE next week. And they're going to Kindergarten in just a few months. I'll have big chunks of time every day to work on the many meaningful projects that are now crammed haphazardly into stolen moments. And I'll miss the background noise of these sweet boys as they imagine and play, breaking up my work with a quick smile. I'll miss having a warm body and cotton-top head wriggle onto my lap to sit with me while I type for a while. I'll miss the welcome interruptions of story time and I'll miss taking them for walks and bike rides when the weather's good and I've reached a good stopping place. I'll even miss the unwelcome interruptions of tattle-tailing and crying and needing something when I'm really on a roll with something that seems important at the time.

But rather than dwelling on what I'm going to miss before I even need to miss it, I'm going to savor this precious time I do have with the cutest, sweetest little boys ever.


shawni said...

I can NOT believe they're starting Kindergarten next year. How did that happen?? It seems like you and Jared just showed us the double egg yolk picture. Love you guys!

Koni said...

Your comments sound like what I am feeling as well. My youngest turns 5 in August - I am debating if I should keep him home another year (like we did with #4) or let him go. I've been a mom with kids at home for the past 13+ years - what will I do without that???

Eyrealm said...

Unbelievable that it's been five years since these guys flew into the world just in time for us to meet them as we were on our way around the world. Now here we are again, ready to take off for a similar trip on Monday. How time flies! Still I will never forget the pain of leaving you on that day! I'm still so grateful for Charity's filling in for me! We'll be calling them on Thursday from Monaco! They are truly the sweetest little twins ever! So fun, so entertaining and such a blessing to us all


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