Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Crazy Fun Power of Moms Planning Weekend

April and I are sitting here in April's kitchen planning tons of exciting things for The Power of Moms while our collective 5 boys are playing Monopoly and our 3 girls are making up a play - complete with props and dress-ups.  April's sweet little two-year-old is (thankfully) sleeping, and our husbands are chatting about various business ideas (we're so glad they're such good friends!).  We're getting lots of stuff done, even though we get interrupted with kids needing things or announcing that the play is almost ready from time to time.  I wish you could see this crazy and crowded - but busy and happy scene - here's a glimpse:

IMG_1106.JPGWe took our families to the beach and tide pools and went to a great arboretum (where we filmed the 100,000 moms video on our home page while our husbands tried to keep our kids out of the background of the video!).  We've fed 9 kids and 4 adults lots of meals and had a double-family dance party.  But crammed in between all the kids' needs and great excursions, April and I (as well as our husbands who've added lots of great ideas) have been talking talking talking and planning planning planning.

We've got lots of exciting new ideas, and armed with the feedback we've received from so many thankful moms (check out some of their great comments here), we're committed to "going big" and doing all we can do to help this website reach all the moms who could benefit from it.  We're not in this for the money (our "salaries" are deep in the negative numbers right now) or the fame (I can't tell you how embarrassed I was when I watched myself on the 100,000 moms video we made!  Cameras are NOT something I like to be in front of).  We're in this because we need this and we hear again and again how much other moms need this community.  We've reached the point where we can't NOT work on The Power of Moms.

But to make all our hard work and best intentions translate into wonderful things for all those who could benefit from it, we need YOU to let all your friends know about The Power of Moms.  Almost everything on our website is absolutely free so you don't have to feel like you're "selling something."  You're just sharing a resource that quite possibly could change someone's life for the better.

So take a minute (right now so you don't forget!) and forward a favorite article or write a simple email to all your mom friends and let them know about The Power of Moms.  OK?

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