Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Week Ideas

Last year, Easter was really really great.  We figured out a great schedule of meaningful and fun events to do each day leading up to Easter to really make Easter the big-deal wonderful holiday I think it should be.  I blogged about everything we did that really worked.  I just sat down to look up that blog and remind myself of what I want to be sure to repeat this year - and I thought you might enjoy looking at it as well:

Loosli Easter Week Ideas

Please comment and share your own Easter ideas - the more ideas, the better!


Allyson said...

I've been trying to incorporate some of these same ideas over the last few years, but seeing it spelled out so clearly and simply like this really makes it feel do-able. I also love how your simple style highlights what is most important while leaving out the fluff that doesn't matter. (This seems like the broken record comment I always make, but it's something I really admire in your parenting style!) I'm going to have to be a little more flexible and creative this year since we will be traveling to Utah on Thursday and Friday for conference/spring break/family reunion/Easter. Too many good things at once. I'd rather spread out the love!!

April said...

Hey Saren! What great ideas! Thanks for posting them.

Kristine said...

What great, simple ideas! Thanks for sharing. Would you recommend any of the books you use?

Eyrealm said...

Great Ideas!
And this year you can add another one:
Having Gramy and Grandfather here for Easter Dinner and Egg hunt in the wash!


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