Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Little Guys

I'm sitting here catching up on emails and preparing for a training phone call with our new Power of Moms Family Volunteering Manager and this is what I hear behind me:
Oliver: What is your really really full name?
Silas: Silas Richard Eyre Loosli
Oliver: No – your really really really full name is Beeda Bupba in this world, OK? And we're friends.
Silas: Well, if you want to be my friend, don't shoot me.
Oliver: Yeah, friends don't shoot friends – that would be bad.
Silas: This is my speeder car.
Oliver: This can be my speeder car and they can have a race.
(lots of car noises for a while)
Oliver comes running in: Can I have some tape for my speeder car to stay together?
He gets some tape, works diligently on his car, Silas decides to do the same, and they're off, singing little songs, making car noises, coming up with new scenarios and keeping me entertained with a constant background of pleasant prattle and an occasional request or hug for me.

I like these little guys of mine.  A lot.  I was perfectly excited to send each of my older kids off to Kindergarten.  They were ready to go and I was ready for one less preschooler when I had so many and they so frequently had so many mutually exclusive needs.  But this fall will be different.  I'll be sending off TWO kids to Kindergarten at once.  And they'll be my last Kindergartners.  And it'll be full-day Kindergarten.  And I'll miss them terribly.  I thought I'd be glad to have less interruptions and more time to focus on all the work I currently cram between kids' needs.  But I'm realizing I'll miss their interruptions dearly.

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Eyrealm said...

Unbelievable that all that time is gone! First few years was in survival mode and now you just want to stop this unstoppable "cruise" an empty house during school hours! We've got a pretty big crush on those "little guys" ourselves!


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