Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mother's Day Videos and Gifts

At The Power of Moms, we had a video contest for Mother's Day and we got some great stuff!  You'll love the 2 finalists in our Mother's Day video contest. Watch them (they're each about a minute long), vote for your favorite, and forward the link on to all your friends - makes a great little Mother's Day pass-along!

Mother's Day Video Contest Finalists

I feel like I'm back in college doing finals - only with 5 kids in tow.  This week has been crazy busy with Power of Moms stuff in preparation for Mother's Day!  But we've been blessed to get more done in a week than we really thought possible.  I finished the front end and Jared has the complicated back-end of our Bloom Game 99.9% done (he's really amazing with what he can do and he's been sitting in front of his computer for over 12 hours a day getting this taken care of).  I'm so excited to play this game myself!  It's basically a fun way to set balanced goals and experience more accomplishment, balance and serendipity in life (I got the accomplishment going on but the balanced and serendipity are sorely lacking for me lately!).

And that's not all.  We also helped April launch the amazing program she's been working on so diligently - Mind Organization for Mothers (M.O.M.).  I'm excited to implement that program as well in my life - I need its promise of less stress by organizing and prioritizing time better.

And that's not all.  We also launched a fun new section on our website called the "Question of the Week" and there's a quick, fun Mother's Day question you can answer to enter a drawing for a great prize.   

So consider all this your Mother's Day gifts from me.  My greatest desire in life is to be the mother and wife I can be and need to be.  And right next to that in my heart is my desire to help other mothers do the same.  I dearly hope that all this intense and hard work will translate into mothers around the world finding more joy and purpose in their lives.  

So as MY Mother's Day gift FROM YOU - would you please take a few minutes to write an email to the moms you love and share some things from The Power of Moms that they'd love?  
Thanks and Happy Mother's Day.  Thanks to all of you who are such wonderful examples of motherhood to me.

Love, Saren

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