Friday, August 27, 2010

Cancer Sucks

My cousin's little girl, Cami, has Acute B Cell Lymphocytic Leukemia. She's only four. My cousin's dad (my uncle) died of cancer a few years back and now Cami, who was perfectly healthy and happy just a couple months ago, is undergoing all sorts of treatments that have rendered her listless and frustrated and puffed up with steriods to the point that it's hard to smile.

It's not fair. Cancer sucks.

But my cousins have been the most amazing examples of resilliance - first with losing their amazing dad so suddenly and now with rallying around their sweet little daughter and niece.

A couple weeks ago, sweet Cami kissed all her hair goodbye - it was falling out in chunks and just wasn't working out. Her family and lots of kind friends decided to make a party out of the occasion.

A lot of things about life just aren't fair.  But we can make good things out of bad things.

Check out the beautiful photos taken of the event here:


Cath said...

Those pics had me bawling. That sweet love of a girl. Yes - Cancer sucks. Breaks my heart. We've watched my Mom's hair fall out, be cut, and shaved now several times. She's not a four-year-old girl but a woman we love. And cancer respects no one. I'm so sorry. So hard.

Katie said...

I agree. Cancer Sucks I have lost my father and a brother to it. What a small world. I actually saw a link to their web site from a friend of mine and she is your family. I wish them all the best in this trial.

Patty Ann said...

I agree. I lost my mom to Cancer. It is a hard disease. Thank you for posting and making people more aware. I am so sorry for your family's pain. It is so hard to be in that place. I too, wish them the best.

Sarah said...

She is a beautiful beautiful girl. So glad she has so much support, such a loving family and community.

Corrie said...

oh those pictures had me just crying my eyes out. My mum's cancer has recently spread to her lungs and brain and it's devastating....but to see a child go through, well no child should go through it. The treatments are so harsh but that little cami has the sweetest smile and outlook going by those photos.

thanks for sharing the link, I hadn't been to cami's blog for a while

Eyrealm said...

Thanks for this post. The more people we can get praying for this adorable little cherub, the better it will be.


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