Thursday, September 09, 2010

12th Anniversary

So yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary.  I put together a video grabbing some of my favorite moments from the past dozen years as a little present to Jared.  It turned out to be quite an ordeal putting it together (I had to take photos of old photos and that was a process).  But it felt so good to put so much good stuff together in one place and remember all the wonderful things that bind us together - especially at a time like this when we're apart and things are hard.

The kids and I had a fun time making cookies, watching this video and talking about lots of great memories to celebrate the day.  Sadly, Jared had to be in Odgen so it was weird celebrating our anniversary apart for the first time.  But to keep things memorable, Jared spent yesterday evening in jail.  He got pulled over for having one headlight not working and they took him in because apparently when he got pulled over for having an expired registration on the car 2 years ago, they never received the check he sent in to cover the fine so there was a warrant out for his arrest.  Interesting that even though they've got our address and phone number, they put out a warrant for his arrest rather than letting us know they didn't receive the check.  Funny how things work (or don't work) sometimes!  Poor Jared!  He got things worked out quite quickly and was on his way again but it was definitely an interesting experience for him.


Patty Ann said...

Oh my gosh! What a memory for your anniversary! Love the post and a great idea for a gift! We had a Stake President who once made an exercising video for his wife for their anniversary. It was totally tongue in cheek and completly humorous. She showed it to everybody and he got to live with the laughter! I don't think he ever regretted his "labor of love". I think the best gifts are always the ones we give that are time consuming and take work to make happen.

shawni said...

whoa, Jared really knows how to make a great anniversary! For some reason the video isn't showing up. I'll have to try back later.

richard said...

THAT is the best video ever! It made me cry! What a dozen years! What a beautiful couple, what light in the eyes. What amazing kids!
Glad to be connected to it all
Love more!

Eyrealm said...

Oh my gosh Saren! That video made dad and I cry! What a lot of time that took but what a treasure to remember all those years! Time is falling out of the sky like snow!

Love you and congratulations on 12 amazing years.

P.S. We laughed as hard as we cried when we thought about Jared in jail! Just where he belongs for sure!


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