Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Vegas, Baby

My dear parents are around for the Senior Olympic games (this has been a standard every October - my dad plays lots of tennis and throws in a little basketball and track and field as well - my mom cheers him on - and we all enjoy some precious time with my wonderful parents).  For my birthday last summer they gave me the gift of watching the kids and sending me and Jared off to see some shows and enjoy a nice hotel in Vegas while they were here for the Senior Games and could watch the kids.  But Jared really can't get away from his new job right now and I really needed a get-away.  So I decided to surprise Ashton and Isaac with a trip to Vegas and it was SO fun!  I'm so glad I've got two such fun boys that were so delighted to accompany me.

I picked them up a little early from school yesterday and told them we were going on a special little Mommy Date.  They kept guessing different favorite restaurants we might be going to or thought maybe we were going bowling.  But as we passed each familiar landmark and then got on 1-15 going south, it dawned on them where we were going.  Ashton yelled out "Vegas, Baby!" and I revealed the rest of the plan.  We'd be seeing my very favorite Cirque du Soliel show - Ka and staying at the most special-shaped hotel in Vegas (they finally guessed the Luxor pyramid and were SO excited).

We listened to loud music and traded stories about our most embarrassing moments in the car.  Then we started off at Trader Joes to stock up on some dinner items and fancy treats to take to the show and enjoy in our hotel room - I love that store - why oh why don't we have it in Utah?  Then we checked into the hotel which felt fabulously cool to the kids (a little faded glory going on at the Luxor but still, pretty neat to be in a room with a slanted window - and we lucked out with a room on almost the top floor where we could see the strip and watch airplanes take off and land at the airport - oh, and the elevators that move diagonally up the sides of the pyramid - have to say, pretty cool).  We took a dip in the pool, ate some dinner, and walked over to the MGM Grand - enjoyed a gorgeous sunset and the excitement of all the lights coming on for the night.

The boys loved Ka even more than I imagined they would.  That show has it all - amazing acrobatics, death-defying stunts, lots of brilliantly choreographed sword-play, a stage that goes up and down and sideways, great humorous stuff, gorgeous music, wonderous special effects, and a great real fireworks show at the end.  We were all glued to the thing the whole time.  There's nothing like enjoying something with people you love whose enjoyment heightens yours to a while new level.

We hung out in the room this morning and did some more exploring - saw the amazing flower display at the Bellagio and the great dancing fountains there plus some amazing sculptures of Cirque du Soleil performers (complete with a video of the artist doing his work - Isaac was especially enthralled).  I love that there's art and culture to be found and appreciated for free in Vegas (if you can get past all the people passing out "girls, girls, girls" fliers).  We had good talks about gambling and smoking and modesty spurred by good questions from the boys.  We had a lovely lunch at a great Spanish restaurant in the brilliantly designed new Aria hotel (love the fountain outside the hotel - so cool).  Then we headed home refreshed and energized and liking each other more than ever.

Amazing Bellagio flower displays (that's a 900 lb pumpkin behind the boys)

So I'll have a lot to catch up on after ignoring most of my work for a couple days.  And we're still haggling on this house in Ogden.  And it's been so amazingly beautiful here with storms to watch in the wash and the scenery outside my windows rain-drenched and more beautiful than ever (not making the thought of leaving any easier...).

But things feel better now.  Much better.

Oh, but note to self - don't do an extra-hard work out with tons of squats if you'd like to walk all over Vegas the next day - all the stairs with thighs screaming out - not so fun.


shawni said...

That's so fun that you took the boys! It looks like they LOVED it.

Jonah and Aja said...
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Jonah and Aja said...

what a great time. isaac looks pretty excited standing there at the pool! that is a great show for those boys to see. i was listening in to a conversation that eliza was having with mom on the way home from school. she REALLY likes papa murphys pizza.

Eyrealm said...

How great to see this almost instantly! So glad you had so much fun! Jonah you are so funny! Saren you are truly amazing!


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