Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Bobby Pins

We all have our little things that bug us and can make an otherwise nice time rather annoying or that can almost push us over the edge in an already-stressful moment.

For me lately, that "bug" in my life has been my hair.  A couple months ago I got a haircut that's pretty good in general but that somehow always involves a lock of hair falling into my face - like 10,000 times a day.  My long bangs are supposed to sort of swoop over to the side, creating a graceful, soft transition between face and hair.  But what really happens is that this clump of hair isn't long enough to stay behind my ear and is way too long to be hanging in my face.

I solved the problem with an artfully tucked bobby pin that holds the swoop in place.

But then I got down to my last bobby pin.

I kept track of that thing pretty well.  It sort of lost its grip but I bent it until it sort of still worked.  I started off a lot of days without my bobby pin but as the annoyance of hair-in-the-face built, I'd finally find a minute to go find that thing and stick it in.

But then I lost that one bobby pin at the tail end of my Boston trip and getting to the store to buy more just wasn't happening.  I've spent a week being mildly to majorly annoyed by my dumb clump of hair that would always fall in my face at the most inopportune moments.

Today I put the bobby pins at the top of the list and went to the store and and found the dumb things.  Spent a whole $1.30 on a pack of 60.  Probably should have bought two, just to be sure.

And now life is better.  It really is.  I can be much more patient with everyone and everything when my hair isn't in my face.  Sometimes very small things that we'd like to ignore and that really seem like they shouldn't matter really DO matter.  Sometimes a little fix goes a long long way.

My sister's "bug" is her pants falling down every time she bends over to do something (her prego belly isn't helping matters).  I committed her to finding some maternity pants that stay up.  What's your "bug"?  What dumb little thing is weighing you down and making you more easily annoyed and less patient than you want to be? What are you going to do about it?


Barb @ getupandplay said...

How funny! I always find myself getting annoyed when it's either too hot or too loud in my house. Easy fixes, yet I still get so flustered!

bjahlstrom said...

Yes, temperature is my big thing. When it's hot, and I'm sweating in my house that should be a nice, mild temperature, I get grumpy.

Patty Ann said...

Oh, I so agree with the tempature! I can't stand it when it is too hot. The other thing that drives me crazy is when the kids don't get their chores done, but they still expect me to fix dinner!! Or when my son uses all the gas, and I don't find out until I just HAVE to be somewhere right. This. Minute! Gotta love the little things.

Hilary said...

I get so mad when a less than 10 dollar fix can totally make life changing things happen. :)

Right now my G's are WAY too big, it kills me every day... but then I'd have to go to their website, figure out my measurements...
yada, yada, yada.

Eyrealm said...

Speed bumps!


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