Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New column and serious POWER for 2011

With huge help from April and our great friend Allyson, our new blog/column on The Deseret News was somehow launched in the midst of my move.  I seem to have this habit of moving stuff forward to a certain point and then getting totally overwhelmed and needing to pass them off to some degree.  But with both this Deseret News project and our book project, great people have stepped up to help in a timely manner and things go forward beautifully even when I can't help with them as much as I'd like.  I love seeing how our Power of Moms work has attracted some truly amazing women who have jumped on board at just the right times to make exciting new things happen!

Anyway, take a minute to check out the new blog here.  This month we're focusing each of our 3 posts a week on one of the "12 Powers of Motherhood" that will become the backbone of the Power of Moms website this coming year. 

Moving forward, on the Deseret News and on our website, we'll be focusing on one "power" of motherhood each month through great articles and resources.  Plus this book we're chipping away at (and that we gathered tons of great stuff for with our writing contest last week) will feature a chapter on each of these powers so it can be used as a 12-month program for becoming the mother you want to be, as part of a Learning Circle group or just on your own or however you want to use the book.

Think of the power of 1000's of moms everywhere focusing on one aspect of motherhood each month as they share their best ideas!  I know I do better when I focus on one thing at a time and I'm excited to make this coming year a year of truly growing as a mother and as a person as I focus on the universally embraced themes we've been able to develop - stuff like increasing patience, creating more balance and boundaries, enjoying the moments, embracing more fun, becoming more optimistic...  Check out all 12 monthly themes here if you want.  Get excited!

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Danielle and Jordan said...

It was so great to catch up on your blog. Your new home is pretty incredible! I love all of the old fixtures and the antique pieces of furniture you have...they are really stunning! I also wanted to tell you how much your gratitude posts meant to me! I am in awe of your vision, your faith and your schedule :o) You work so hard to accomplish meaningful things and I really, really admire that! Power of Moms has made such a difference in my life! Thanks so much!

Danielle Monson


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