Friday, February 04, 2011

Motherhood Through the Eyes of a Non-Mother

My wonderful little sister is the favorite aunt of 20 nieces and nephews.  She hasn't yet found her "Mr. Right" so she has no kids of her own.  But after spending just a week taking care of my brother Noah's three little kids, she caught some amazing glimpses of what motherhood is all about and captured her thoughts so beautifully in a blog post that I was in tears as I read it.  Check it out here:

Charity, you're going to be one great mom.  I wish I'd known a whole lot more of what you already know when I embarked on this wild ride of motherhood!


lauralee said...

Hi Saren, I read it with tears too. How old is she? many years wiser though. You are all just amazing. I just am in constant awe reading all of your blogs. What a great time you had in California with your mom, sisters and sis n laws. So blessed!!! Love to all.
Lauralee and Linda in NY

Patty Ann said...

What a wonderful and great woman. I think your family is very blessed.

SADACAD said...

Thank you for sharing Charity's experience. It reminded me of the glimpses I have to keep me going (as I woke up to my son taping my other son to the wall to see if it would hold him!)


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