Thursday, March 03, 2011

Capturing the Moment - on film

Lately I've been feeling the fleeting-ness of my kids' childhood and I've been taking lots of little videos of them doing things they do a lot - things that may seem pretty common-place now but that I'll forget about if I don't record them. My tiny little basic camera takes pretty decent video and I've realized I should really take more little clips of every-day life.

I've videoed the twins telling me about their favorite stuffed dogs that they play with so much and I was able to catch some good footage of them playing one of their wonderfully imaginative games together when they didn't know I was there.  I've videoed Eliza telling me all her favorite things about life right now and speaking some Spanish for me (she's missing the chance to speak Spanish that she had every day at her old school and I'm missing the cute little Spanish songs she always used to sing and want to capture some of that before it fades...).  I've videoed Isaac on his rip stick (he's GOOD).  I've videoed Ashton with his latest MindStorm inventions.  But maybe my favorite video clip I've got lately is this one of my sweet little boys singing to me.  They sing me various renditions of this song several times a day - sometimes individually, sometimes together.  How sweet is this?


Patty Ann said...

So sweet!!

Eyrealm said...

Absolutely adorable! They really planned that...duet, solo and all!


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