Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Loosli Cattle Sale

We took a quick little weekend trip to the Loosli farm for their annual cattle sale.  We've done this for a few years now and when we asked the kids if they wanted to go this year, they were appalled that we thought it was even a question. Of COURSE they wanted to go. Seeing all the new baby cows with their moms (the kids were hoping to see a calf get born like they did last year, but it didn't happen to work out this year), watching the exciting action of the auction and listening to the talented auctioneer sing-song his way through bull after bull, enjoying the big feast the Looslis put on for everyone who comes to the sale - it's all so fun for the kids - and for me and Jared.  Plus Jared and the big boys loved helping Jared's brother Brian (who runs the ranch) and his son Mark (the kids' beloved college-age cousin who's so good to them) in every way they could as they prepared the bulls and set up tables.

At the sale, Isaac got to be in charge of replenishing all the ice and drinks on the buffet and Ashton got to enter in all the purchaser names and sale prices of the animals on the computer as buyers checked out - he did a great job.  The twins wanted to get in there and help with the cattle but had to be content with watching until they get a little bigger.  Eliza and I helped with the food and pitched in wherever we could - but mostly Jared's mom and sister-in-law had everything well under control. Jared got to be in the ring with the bulls this year, keeping them moving around during the bidding and sending them on out when they'd been sold.  He only got kicked a couple times - lightly.  They're really very calm and beautiful animals.

I love that we get to be connected to a farm and a ranch.  I think it's so great for kids to be exposed to the kinds of work and lessons that farms can offer.  And I'm most grateful for the wonderful, hard-working and kind relatives they get to spend time with at the farm.  I couldn't have married into a better family with better examples for me and for my kids.

Here's a little glimpse of the auction - and I'll put up more photos if and when I get a chance.  It was SO beautiful up there with the Tetons in the distance and the sparkling fields of white snow under blue skies.

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Rachelle said...

I love this. I too have a connection for my kids to see. I was raised in southern Idaho and my Dad now runs my grandpa's large cattle ranch. I am thinking I'll send my kids there for the summers and learn how to REALLY work!!

PS. I love the new POM button on your blog, when you get a minute (yes I know you're swamped, so not super HIGH priority) I'd love the html!


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