Friday, April 01, 2011


I don't mean real housekeeping - the only thing I can say about that kind of housekeeping right now is that I could really use a housekeeper!  

I just wanted to share a few "housekeeping" items you might want to know:

1.  I'm closing up the give-away for my parents' new book, Five Spiritual Solutions and announcing the winners (there will be 2) this Monday, April 3rd.  Read about it and post a comment for a chance to win HERE.

2. Given that our April Power of Moms Retreat at my parents' house in Park City filled up quickly and we had to say no to a lot of moms who really wanted to be there, my parents agreed to do a second Retreat May 20-21 at their house - same place, same topics, same key speakers.  If you want to learn more and get registered or know others who might be interested, click HERE and/or pass this link along.  I want to give my blog readers "first dibs" on this.

3.  My Power of Moms partner, April is in town and we've been busy.  On Wednesday we got to watch a Learning Circle in action at one of our great Learning Circle Leader's homes while Studio 5 (a Utah TV show) filmed for an upcoming show.  They also interviewed me and April.  It was so fun!  The show will air on May 9th.  Then last night, April and I did our first "webinar" on Power of Moms - we got on a phone call with lots of other great moms and talked about how we can create some "me time" every day so that we can be the deliberate mothers we want to be while still getting things done and having some time to ourselves.  Sound like something you need?  The recording of this webinar is available for free to all registered members of the Power of Moms community.  Just log in on the homepage (in the right column) or if you don't already have a log in, you can set one up and register for free HERE.  We'll have more and more free podcasts, webinars and other opportunities for all registered users of the site.

4.  I think it's maybe really spring time now.  After living in places where there isn't much of a winter for 11 years, then experiencing 5 months of winter here in Ogden, spring is feeling extra, extra nice!

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Eyrealm said...

Yeah for Michelle at Studio 5. I told her about Power of Moms and she went for it! How did she know about Learning Circles? That's fantastic!
Good job!


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