Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Help Others and Get Free Stuff - Sound Good?

April and I brainstormed all sorts of different fun things we could do this year to celebrate Mother's Day at The Power of Moms.  Ultimately, we came up with something very simple that will hopefully help 1000's more moms find the resources they need at The Power of Moms and offer some great prizes - including a free registration to our almost-full Retreat in Park City on May 20-21st.  Check out the details and get involved  HERE.

We get more and more emails every day from moms who've so kindly taken a little time to let us know what a difference The Power of Moms has made in their lives.  Some moms found just the right message at a key time by reading one of the daily articles on the site.  Some have come to view motherhood in a whole new light.  Some have found the friendship and support they desperately needed through a Learning Circle.  Some have become way more productive in their home and work life thanks to the Mind Organization for Moms program.  Some have seen real progress through setting goals using the Bloom Game.  Their stories warm my heart and make me yearn to get The Power of Moms into the hands of way more moms out there who could really benefit from it!

So please help us to help all your friends and relatives who might enjoy what The Power of Moms has to offer - some links to your favorite articles on the site makes a great (and free) Mother's Day gift to your mom friends.  And feel free to share this blog with anyone who might enjoy it as well.  As long as I'm throwing all this out there, I'd love help getting it to more who might enjoy it.

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Eyrealm said...

Great job on this! Terrific idea!


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