Monday, May 09, 2011

Reminders and Mother's Day Update

Just a quick reminder that today's the last day to send in your entry for our Power of Moms Retreat and Program giveaway.  I'd love for some of my blog readers to win!  If you haven't already, check out the details HERE and then give your friends a great little post-Mother's Day gift while giving yourself a great chance to win some pretty nice prizes.  And while I'm throwing out reminders, I wanted to let you know there are still just a few spots at our Park City Retreat May 20-21 - perfect post-Mother's Day gift to yourself or someone else you know!

This week I'll put up photos of the great Mother's Day weekend I had.  But here's a quick overview:

On Saturday I got to spend most of the day with my dear mom.  We spoke at a great Mother's Day fundraiser breakfast for One Heart Bulgaria (so many wonderful stories shared there and lots of tears as we thought of these sweet kids who have no moms!) and then I had the rare privilege of going to lunch one-on-one with my wonderful mom. How did I luck out with such a mom?

On Sunday the kids and Jared treated me very very well.  The lovely drawings and sweet notes with all their misspellings from the kids - plus a very nice little poem Ashton came up with (didn't know he had it in him!) and an even nicer long and thoughtful poem that Jared came up with (REALLY didn't know HE had that in him!) - were real treasures.  Jared made me a lovely breakfast and made me and my mom (and my dad and all the kids) a truly delicious lunch (I think I'll go warm up leftovers as soon as I finish this little post!).  The weekend was just a tad bit stressful given that we were flooded with requests for the free podcasts we were giving away for Mother's Day and we're totally set up to deal with quite so many entries!  But it was wonderful to be able to give the podcasts away so so many moms and great to see that so many people were interested...And luckily I've got a wonderful 11 year old son who's very good with data entry and who really needs to earn money for a trip he's going on with his cousins this summer.

So other than the fact that it's FREEZING and raining and it's the middle of MAY, life is good!

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Joy said...

I just found your blog, I'm new to the site and enjoying looking around and posting on my own blog; what are all your kids' names? The pictures remind me of my own family, I have 3 siblings. :)


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