Thursday, June 23, 2011

Around the Neighborhood

I've fallen in love with this neighborhood.

I love that it's eclectic.  I love that it's real.  I love that there's so much to do and see within walking or biking distance.

I love that there's so much diversity in people and architecture.  As we walk or bike around the neighborhood, we see all sorts of stuff:
  • a beautifully restored Victorian next to a forlorn house of faded glory divided into several apartments
  • a multi-generational family sitting out on their porch with great Spanish music blaring and wonderful smells coming from their kitchen while a young couple paints the house they are renovating next door
  • a lovely New England-style Baptist church across the street from a simple store-front style Pentacostal church
  • a pretty young mom gently urging her toddler along on his tricycle while a frazzled mom across the street yells some choice words at her own nonchalant toddler who's trying to get the gate in the rusty chain-link fence open
  • a fancy brand-new Spanish market offering everything from fresh pigs' feet to fresh cactus down the street from a shabby market with bars on the windows that sells a very random assortment of products
  • a guy covered from head to toe with tatoos complimenting the twins' great scootering skills as we pass each other on the sidewalk
  • the old Weber College main building with its stately pillars next to an empty lot that's usually occupied by a "free spay and neuter" van with pictures of cats and dogs all over it
  • a cute yuppie-style family with a stroller and a couple kids on bikes heading into the library where a man and woman with all manner of bags strapped to their bikes and grungy clothes hang out on the front steps
  • a family with five ragamuffin kids in cut-off shorts and old t-shirts on hand-me-down bikes heading off on an exciting mountain bike ride on the trails that start a mile or so up the hill, or skateboarding/scootering to the library down the block for story time, or wandering up to the new Spanish market to pick up some milk and pick some wildflowers in the empty lot on the way home, or walking a few blocks downtown to get 50 cent samples of delicious bread at Great Harvest or go to a minor league baseball game or watch a free concert at the amphitheater.  Oh wait, that's us.
Here's a collage of the houses we see when we walk around the block.

And here's a collage of the churches within two blocks of our house (if we go out 3 blocks, there are way more).

I love diversity.  I love the conversation-starters afforded by a simple walk around the block.  I love the chance to show our kids a good slice of the world right in our neighborhood.  I always dreamed of showing my kids the world, but for now, it's nice to have bits of the world come to us.

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Rebecca said...

I was listening to one of your podcasts (the ones with your mom and sisters) the other day and you were saying something about how most of us live in nice beautiful neighborhoods and since we don't see the poverty and needs that so many people have on a daily basis, that we sometimes forget that they exist. I had to smile when I heard you say that because I thought that you definitely didn't live where you live now when you recorded that! I was thinking the other day about how much I like living in Ogden and how great it is juxtaposed with the negative impression of Ogden that so many who have never lived here seem to have. I was thinking that one of the differences about Ogden is that the poverty is in full view's not hidden away in a part of town you have to go to on purpose, but right in the middle of the city. Other cities often have the downtrodden areas off the beaten track, but here in Ogden it is right there to remind me about what the real problems of the world are and not get so caught up in the things that don't really matter.

Too bad you guys were out of town for the block party...did Emily tell you about the lady who was sitting next to me? You've got to love a block party where you've got a member of the House of Representatives and a homeless lady who rides a skateboard all breaking bread together.

And thanks for all the observations about your neighborhood. It makes me want to get to know Ogden better and truly experience it.

Anonymous said...

I want to live where you live! Could it be more charming?!

richard said...

I LOVE the picture masthead of your blog with my five gorgeous grandchildren on their bikes!
And a great post!

Sara Dee said...

My hubby is in Ogden oddly for business for the week. Tonight he went to a minor league baseball game and a free concert! I kept getting pictures and txts from him tonight and wishing we were there too. Then I read your blog. Weird. Or is that serendipity? Anyways, I thought it was cool. You and my husband have changed my views on Ogden. Next boring business trip to Ogden might have to become a family trip. :)

Eyrealm said...

WOW! I LOVE this! Love the new header and your observation skills. Most people might be annoyed or not even see what you see. Thanks for really seeing!

Sarah said...

I just LOVE those houses! One of the favorite things about my neighborhood is that the kids can walk to the library, to the corner grocery, etc...AND that our neighborhood has both young and old (some very old) residents.

emily ballard said...

Yay! We love our neighborhood too. It might keep me from moving to Bali :)

Jennifer said...

What a charming neighborhood...LOVE your home!!


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