Monday, June 06, 2011

Important Timely Tidbits

OK, I'm way behind on blogging.  Someday soonish, you'll see info and photos on all our end-of-school stuff - the twins' Kindergarten graduation, Eliza's lovely dance concert, Ashton's first boy/girl party, and Isaac's choir concert.  And I'll put up the gorgeous photos of our field trip out to Antelope Island last Monday with some friends as well as stories about how our summer schedule and activities are going (quite well, actually). And I'd like to blog about our time with my brother Josh who came to visit for a couple days (we gave him a grand bicycle tour of Ogden with major highlights being the train museum, antique car museum and a visit to the kids' school - he's a school teacher and the kids wanted to share their school with him).  Maybe I"ll even get around to posting the photos Jared took of me and the kids for Mother's Day and the half-finished post that goes with them.  Who knows?

But right now we're driving back from St George (great weekend of friends and hiking and waterfalls and memories and swimming and SUN, glorious sun - plus the kids found a new pet - photos coming soonish) and I just took care of 50 emails or so while driving (so cool how Jared's got our car set up as a hot spot).  Now I want to tell the kids some stories and get them to sleep.  So for now, I'll just let you know about a couple timely and important things:

  • We have a few precious spots left at our upcoming Retreat this weekend in Centerville, UT.  This will be a unique opportunity to work with me, April and some of our best trainers to really delve into some answers for your motherhood needs and your family's needs. We've had lots of requests for more discussion-oriented Retreats that offer the chance to go deeper.  So we've put this exclusive, small-group Retreat together.  Along with all the great small-group stuff, we'll have the chance to hear from super-blogger Courtney Kendrick (cjane) and probably my wonderful mom, Linda Eyre, as well.  And this event will be small  - we're strictly limiting our numbers so we can preserve a more intimate feel at this Retreat.  HERE is the link to all the details. And PLEASE pass this information along to anyone else who you think would be interested.  After seeing what a huge difference our Retreats have made in the lives of so many moms, we want to be sure that every mom who might need and want this experience hears about opportunity.
  • Our Blog Contest ends on Wednesday (as in the day after tomorrow).  Please nominate your favorite blogs so we can spread the word about the best blogs out there and offer some great prizes to some great bloggers.
So there you have it.  Happy Monday.

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