Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

It's been over a month but better late than never, right?

Kindergartners are about the cutest things in the world, don't you think?  I read every week with these sweet kids and loved hearing the funny things they'd choose to share with me and getting a glimpse into how they see the world while we read books about dogs and logs and that sort of thing together.  

Can you see Oliver and Silas on the front row behind the principal?  The kids sang the cutest song about moving on to first grade to the tune of "New York New York."  The video I took didn't turn out great and I keep thinking I'll have Ollie and Si sing it for me for a new video - someday!

All the kids were so very serious about getting their diplomas from their beloved teacher, Miss Bier.

OK, yes, I'm their mom, but seriously, aren't they about as cute as they come?  I have to say I teared up a bit (and caught a glint of tear in Jared's eye as well) as we watched our babies graduate from Kindergarten.  Wasn't it just yesterday that they were snuggled together in their shared crib as newborns - or dumping out 25 pounds of pinto beans in the pantry and smearing Vaseline all over the new carpet and crib bedding in their room as 1-year olds?

Miss Bier was such wonderful teacher.  They'll miss her so much.

Here are the kids in front of their school.  See the coats?  Yep, it was cold right up until the last day of school.

I'm glad I did all that begging to get them into this good charter school where the kids have had great teachers, a pretty decent art and music program, some Spanish instruction (I miss the immersion program in St George but at least at this school they get 1/2 hour a day of Spanish).  Soon they'll build a new building to replace this rather dipapitated old building (that actually reminds me so much of the elementary school where I went - same era, same coat hooks, same bathroom tile, same linoleum, same walls of windows in the classrooms that they don't do in new schools - it makes me sad to see new schools with so little natural light...).  The K-4 kids go to this building and then the 5-6 kids have their own campus (with lockers and switching for different classes like junior high - Ashton LOVED that).

We took Ollie and Si out for ice cream and they got two big scoops of any flavor they want.  It's amazing how exciting going for ice cream can be when you've got stingy (or poor) parents who only take you out for ice cream once in a blue moon.

Oliver really liked his ice cream.  Can you tell?

And Silas was pretty darn happy too.

Oh, how I love my little boys!  They delight me daily with their insights on the world around them, their usually sweet interactions with each other, their wonderful imaginations, their cute husky voices, their near-constant hugs and "I love you's."  Jared and I were so very scared when we found out that we were having twins on top of the three preschoolers we already had.  But God knew exactly what He was doing.  We needed these boys.  They bring so much joy and fun to every member of our family and to all their teachers and relatives and friends.   

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Cath said...

Yes, you're biased. But those boys are darling!!!


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