Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tip Videos

I love all the articles we've got on Power of Moms. There are so many fabulous writers and bloggers who contribute their best stuff.  But sometimes, I know, it's nice to watch something quick rather than sit down and read a whole article. We've had lots of Power of Moms readers suggest that we offer super-quick videos and tips for moms on our site and we've been trying to get around to doing something like that for a while now.

Finally, last week, as my family got going on our new school-year routines and I started thinking more about what we're doing in our family that works well and what we need to work on, making videos started to seem like a good way to solidify some of our routines and do some Power of Moms work WITH my kids. So we made a couple sample "Deliberate Mothering Tips" videos last week. The kids totally helped think of what we should make videos about and Ashton did all the video editing with only a few suggestions from me.

See what you think:

The Loosli Family Laundry Routine - 3 minutes

The Loosli Family After-School Routine - 5 minutes

It's been good for me to really think about the little methods and ideas I've figured out over the years that really help me be a deliberate mother in some ways. I've come a long long way in the past 12 years since becoming a mom. I've got some things figured out pretty well. But I've still got a long way to go on a lot of things. And I've found that a lot of my best methods and ideas amount to exactly nothing when I'm not being consistent, when I'm overtired, when I'm trying to cram in too many other things, or when inevitable exceptions and crises pop up!

We've got a new "Deliberate Mothering Video Tips" section of The Power of Moms where people can find lots of these little videos on all sorts of helpful subjects. To find out how you can submit your own videos demonstrating what works well for your family, click HERE.

Let me know in the comments any ideas you have for topics we should try to cover with little videos and what you think of these sample videos.  I'd love all sorts of feedback!

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Shell in your Pocket said...

Very helpful!

sandy toe

p.s. love the videos

Angela said...

I love the video clips with helpful ideas! I am a visual person and my kids can watch and see what other kids help with or do in their homes. Thank you!

Jennifer said...

Great idea! Thank you for all you do for the "other mothers"! :)

Anonymous said...

These videos are great! And Saren--your kids are so sweet and cute:)!

Eyrealm said...

Fun idea! So great to see the kids in action and feel their personalities. Are they cute or what?

Grace said...

i love those videos! my mom emailed them 2 me!!


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