Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Retreat Giveaway Winners

And the winners of the Chicago Retreat registration (a $65 value) and 1/2 price New England Retreat registration (a $110 value since full price is $220) are.....

For New Hampshire:
Erin L said...
I'd love to attend the NH one! It's only a few hours away. These retreats sound so awesome! Put my name in.

For Chicago:
Nancy said...
Chicago! nancykules@hotmail.com :)

(I promise I selected them totally randomly - just FYI)

If you didn't win but still want to come, we've got room for just a few more people at each Retreat. We can take registrations through Wednesday the 19th for the New England Retreat and through Saturday the 22nd for the Chicago Retreat. Then we've got to cut it off so we have time to shop for yummy food and put the right number of copies together and all that. As always, if you have financial issues, I can work with you (email me directly at saren(at)powerofmoms(dot)com). Our goal with these Retreats is always to do what we can do to make sure those who really need to be there can be there - while covering our costs so we don't go broke ourselves!

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