Friday, December 14, 2012

My Best Christmas Gift

Yesterday we announced a chance for all the moms of the world to pick a free program from the Power of Moms as our special holiday gift to the world. To get the program of their choice, moms were asked to simply send us an email specifying which program they wanted. And as long as they were sending an email, we figured we might as well get some feedback on what they like most about Power of Moms so we can be even more in tune with what is working for our audience.

This morning, April and I woke up to 100's of kind emails from moms all over the world, sharing their kind thoughts about The Power of Moms. And reading through their comments has proven to be the best Christmas present ever for me. These moms really love what we offer. They really get the point of it all. What we've built is making a real difference for real moms and families out there. What we carefully and prayerfully throw out into cyberspace is hitting its mark. Good to know. Very good to know.

Power of Moms started off as a nice little labor of love for me, a way to help moms learn from each other while gathering the mothering wisdom I needed for myself, a chance to use my interest and experience in training and teaching and writing to make a little contribution to the larger world during my kids' nap time. But over the past 5 years, it's grown into a community of over a million moms with a wonderful volunteer Board of almost 40 moms who help April and I take care of the everyday functions of this website with daily articles, podcasts, videos, programs and resources galore. How I love being part of this community of deliberate mothers!

Here are a few comments people sent in:
I appreciate the gentle & friendly guidance and advice, the camaraderie and mentorship, from those who have been-there-done-that in parenting. I cannot find a parenting mentor like that in real life.

What I REALLY appreciate is how much you guys give away free! It is so generous. And knowing the philosophy, style & quality of your work from the free giveaways makes it easier to contemplate forking over big money for the paid programs. I am dancing around purchasing the Virtual Retreat right now as my Christmas/birthday present. 
I NEARLY made it to the Sydney retreat, and I also really appreciate that you actually had a retreat in Australia.

Again, thank you so much for your generosity,
The way your motivation to be a great mom is creatively shared for the moms out there like myself, who are equally motivated, yet are blessed with talents NOT at all in the area of organization!  I struggle to keep our small home tidy and chaos-free, and as a single parent, it's not easy!   
Therefore, you bless my home by offering your talents and consistently making available the tools and encouragement to be the mom I truly believe we all want to be!  I hope that I bless others by what God has gifted me with.  I think maybe, that it's all about that!  Not being great at everything, but sharing your portion with others, and hopefully, together, we'll raise great kids!  
Thank you, Erin
I'm very new to your programs, and have only been to two Learning Circles so far, but I like the honesty in the articles. I don't feel competitive with the authors, or judged at all. I just feel supported and encouraged. I like that. 
Thank you for all of the work you put into the programs. I want to do so many things (like get my mind organized or make a summer camp for kids) but it would take so much trial and error to customize any program for moms or take more planning and enthusiasm than I could muster to start it from scratch. Thank you for doing the work for us, April and Saren! What you all are doing makes a difference!
- Jessica
It's hard to pick only one thing that I appreciate.  But, I really love all of the inspiration.  I  think being a deliberate parent is so very important, but it's not always easy.  So, when I find that I'm running off track a bit or becoming caught up in the day to day craziness and losing focus of what's's great to read all of the ideas and inspiration on Power of Moms.  It reminds me where I want to be! 

One thing I love about Power of Moms is that if I'm having a rough day I can go to your website and read an encouraging essay and get re-motivated as a mother. To appreciate the good and to realize that with things like crying tantrums, "this too shall pass."
Thanks so much for the Power of Moms! Can't wait to read Twelve Powers of Deliberate Mothers, mine just arrived yesterday from Amazon!
Merry Christmas! 
One thing I appreciate about the Power of Moms is knowing that I'm not alone. There are so many moms out there struggling in the same way as I am and with its awesome articles the Power of Moms websites and retreats bring us together so we can help and encourage each other along the way. 
Cheeri Redd
What I love most about Power of Moms is that the articles are so honest. There is no sugarcoating about motherhood. You tell it like it is and how you can suck out the marrow of motherhood despite the hard parts.
The worst thing I can imagine is to realize that I have not valued my kids enough and have not enjoyed motherhood. It is the best time of our lives now, and we have to appreciate it. 
Please excuse my poor English, I am from Germany and English is not my mother tongue.
I purchased Mind Organization for Moms, and I love it. It helped me so much to get my head clear for the really important things.
Thank you very much for your gift and for your amazing website.
Best regards
Cordula Heymann from Germany
I am so grateful for this community of thoughtful mothers -
it seems as though the outer world is so very demanding
and materialistic and moving so, so quickly - this forum
allows me to reconnect with my values as a parent and
renews my determination to guide my children as best
I can according to our family values.

Thank you for all that you do and happy holidays!!
Best, Kathleen
One thing I really like about the Power of moms is that gives me new ideas to help solve problems that challenge every mom.  Why should I recreate the wheel if someone has already mastered it?
- Katie
I appreciate Power of Mom's because I can count on their materials being truly useful and effective, always uplifting and positive, and simple for me to understand and apply. Thank you for offering a place that supports and strengthens mothers. You are doing a wonderful work! 
- Cassondra
What I like about the Power of Moms is the weekly emails - they are so easy to review and offer great information.  I can quickly look at the articles and information relevant to me and none of the information takes an enormous amount of time.  It's perfect for busy moms like me. 
- Wendy
I discovered Power of Moms with the DIY Summer Camp program last summer.  It was the best thing ever!  I needed ideas and organization since we weren't traveling this summer.  The kids got so excited about the binders I made them and everyday they looked forward to getting up and starting to learn!  Power of Moms you keep up the good work!!  It's empowering to me, to see how effective I can be as a mom.  Thanks!

I love how the Power of Moms cares more about moms than money.

thank you!! 
- Beth
I just want to thank you for the thoughtful, tangible tips you provide.  I often find that when friends and I talk about issues we're having, we commiserate, ending with "when you figure it out, let me know how you did it!".  The Power of Moms gives me tips that I can actually try out, which is great....especially if I actually do try them!

Thanks again, 
I appreciate that every time I get an email from you, it makes me stop and think about my day and how deliberate I am being at that moment.  I appreciate that you fully give back to all your readers. - Samantha
The thing I love most about the Power of Moms is the learning circles.  This is the one night a month I really look forward to and always feel so refreshes and insightful afterwards.  I love the articles and find myself reflecting on them throughout the month.
- Brittany
I have really been uplifted by all that the Power of Moms has to offer. First I stand amazed that y'all can run such a site with so many different facets, and second I am grateful for the encouragement  it gives me to be a better mother. I try not to spend too much time on the computer in general, for me it just makes me feel guilty, but when I get on and read an article from the Power of Moms, I always feel like a better person. It gives me that little boost I need at times. So thank you for giving us this web site as a way to become the mothers that we all have the potential of being! -Krista

So yeah. All those countless hours we've put in on Power of Moms work for the past 5 years have really made a difference. April and I are accomplishing what we've felt "called" to do for moms. It's so wonderful to see our main goals and hopes reflected back to us in these comments. What a perfect Christmas present these comments are!

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