Sunday, January 27, 2013

Scripture Challenge Week 27: Pretty Sparse...

I'll just go ahead and admit it. I wasn't a great scripture-reader this week. I got in a verse or two most days and I listened most days to these short and powerful scripture podcasts my dad has been making for us every day (isn't he awesome?). I've gotten a big bogged down in the war chapters of Alma so I've been skipping around more and I do recall finding some nice little nuggets of wisdom during a couple of my brief readings. But I didn't write them down. So of course, now I can't remember them.

But this morning, I had some great spiritual moments with the kids as we watched a bunch of Mormon Messages.

Here are our three favorites from today: Loved watching this one and talking about what it means to be a true man with my four boys (and felt so grateful that ironing isn't something a good mom/wife really has to do much anymore!):

Great to talk about all little, annoying and/or seemingly meaningless things that are regular parts of our lives that can actually be seen as "flecks of gold" that can add up to something great if we keep working hard. The kids brought up homework and chores around the house and sitting through church when it sometimes seems boring - they can all be "flecks of gold" that can add up to be great things over time.

And this one made us laugh and helped us talk about the many great privileges we have right under our noses that we don't use as much as we should - the scriptures, the gift of the Holy Ghost, prayer, appreciation of beauty, people who might be great friends, opportunities to learn or to serve. We don't want to find out too late that we've missed something beautiful and important so we'd better be more aware of all the privileges we've got.

  And this

This week, I'm seriously going to get back into praying for help finding what the Lord wants to tell me or teach me before opening the scriptures, reading until I get a message, then writing that message down in my scripture journal daily - just a few words. Keeping up with this brief daily process really makes a difference in my life.

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