Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dr Seuss, Teeth, Haircut, B-ball Champion, Family Visitors, Bull Sale, Violin Lessons

Lots of great stuff happens around here that doesn't quite add up to a whole blog post but does need to be captured. So I'm trying to do one post a month that catches this stuff.

I finally got around to giving Silas a haircut. Here's the before picture:

Here's the "after" picture. He was quite pleased to get a haircut like his dad's and look a little more different from Oliver. We always have lots of people thank us when we do what we can do to help these twins of ours look a little more different from each other. And they like it when people can keep them straight. Different haircuts help.

We had Dr Seuss day at school and Eliza got to be "Thing 1" with her friend Lucy as "Thing 2." Practically every kid in the school wanted a photo with Thing 1 and Thing 2 and Eliza enjoyed her time in the spotlight.

In preparation for the party at school, Oliver made himself a "Sneech suit" and Silas made himself a "Cat in the Hat hat." They came up with the ideas and made their outfits totally on their own. We read a bunch of Dr Seuss stories together while they worked on their costumes. We love Dr Seuss.

When we got back from the party at the school, we had green eggs for dinner. The kids were thrilled.

Isaac's basketball team won the championship on Saturday. What a team! There were several kids who were truly amazing at three-pointers. And Isaac was great at getting the ball into the right people's hands. He really had a great basketball season and even though he was recovering from strep throat for the championship game, I was proud of him that he got in there and played his very best anyway. Here he is with the championship prize he got - a t-shirt.

We've got a lot of missing teeth. And a very delinquent tooth fairy. Isaac just showed me an envelope of 9 teeth he's got under his pillow. Oops.

Isaac had to have a few baby teeth pulled because they just weren't coming out on their own and the big teeth were bulging and trying to come in. He now has the perfect bunny teeth for Easter but says it's a little hard to chew with so few teeth.
Silas wins the prize for the biggest gap I've ever seen in the front of his mouth.

Oliver's a step ahead of Silas on getting those top teeth in and wow, he's getting some BIG teeth that aren't exactly coming in straight. We've got a lot of orthadontics in our future, I'm afraid!

My sister Shawni and her family came to town to ski for spring break and we met up for dinner at my parents' place. So fun to be with those guys.

My mom handed off all our old prom and graduation dresses to me and Shawni - fun little walk down memory lane.

Isaac got to go skiing with Shawni's kids and had a fabulous time.

Jared's sister Jayne and her daughters came to visit and we celebrated Jayne's birthday with a fun party (and a cake that the twins were so pleased to make entirely by themselves for their very beloved Aunt Jayne). SO great to have time with these guys!

After asking off an on if she could start violin lessons, Eliza finally got out my old violin, handed it to me and asked me to teach her. So I did. And she can now hold the bow and violin correctly and play lovely whole notes without much screeching at all. She knows all the parts of the violin and understands how to tighten and loosen the bow and all that good stuff. We'll move on to fingering and paying Twinkle Twinkle Little Star next. It's been fun to play my beautiful old violin again as I've demonstrated to Liza. After this post, I've been thinking a ton about music and I've gotten up the energy to get going on more musical education for my children.

And last but not least, Jared took Ashton and the twins up to the Farm to help with the annual Loosli Bull Sale a couple weeks ago. They all had a great time working and playing. Oliver and Silas helped shovel manure and built a swing in the barn where they could swing off huge hay bales. They had the time of their little lives. Ashton helped get all the bulls lined up for the auctioneer and was the right-hand man of his cool cousin Mark who's a great worker. Eliza and Isaac stayed home with me because Isaac really really really wanted to try out for the school soccer team and Eliza didn't want to miss her beloved dance class. Isaac made it through the first cuts for the soccer team (impressive for a 6th grader, I thought, since it's a junior high team) but didn't make the team. He was pretty sad. But I was proud of him for trying! Jared and I both loved having special time with just a few of the kids for a few days.

I don't have actual bull sale photos but here's a screen shot of the website and you can even click HERE and see some of the bulls in action. I love that we get to be connected to the wonderful Loosli farm.

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Jonah and Aja said...

And its a good thing the gap is so large in silas teeth as we know he is highly likely to get the buckers. we love you and yours.


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