Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bad Tooth Fairy

We have a very very very slow tooth fairy. Several kids have been sleeping with several teeth under their pillows for months - and some of those teeth have ended up being forgotten or lost over time. It's been so long since the tooth fairy has shown up that the kids have sort of stopped asking about her. But Silas lost another tooth the other day and as he slipped it under his pillow that night, he shrugged and said, "Do you think maybe the tooth fairy died?" I had to report that question to the tooth fairy. And somehow she pulled herself together and made a real point of getting to our house that very night.

Here's what she found in an envelope under Isaac's bed:

She left each child a decent stack of money including some exciting gold dollar coins and explained her lateness. The kids were very forgiving. And Isaac didn't ask about what she meant by circling both the yes and the no on his note. He just decided to leave it alone and be happy for his money.

Here's the note she left:

Dear Kids:
I know, I know, I know, I'm terribly late. I was trying out a new system where I visit each part of the world systematically rather than flitting in all different directions every night to collect teeth. So I've spent about a month in China, another month in India, then Europe took a month too and I've been working my way across the country to get to you. There sure are a lot of kids loosing teeth! It's so much more efficient for me to collect teeth this way and I do a better job not missing anyone. I hope you'll understand! 

I've given you a little extra money for your teeth plus I've decided to let you keep your teeth since some of you expressed interest in that. I know how special teeth can be. And frankly, I've got plenty of teeth right now.

Take care of those gorgeous huge permanent teeth you're getting. As a tooth conneseiur, I have to say you've got some of the largest, strongest, most lovely permanent teeth I've seen in all my travels. Sure, you may need some braces but those Eyre teeth that you and all your Eyre cousins have are special - cherish them!

love, T.F.

I think we're entering a whole new phase where our kids want to believe but it's not seeming all that logical to believe but they've decided to go ahead and believe anyway because it's fun. I'm good with that.


Cheryl said...

I tell my kids we have an old tooth fairy who had dementia ;)

kms said...

Have then put the tooth in a zip lock bag. The tooth fairy can find it easier. Somehow magically by morning there is money in a ziplock bag and the tooth is gone.

I love the tooth fairy. There are no confusing events like Christ's birth or resurrection to compete with. The result doesn't depend on how good or bad you are as a kid like with Santa Claus. It's comforting. A part of their body falls off, it's uncomfy to eat with and when it's missing from the mouth and when a new one comes in it can hurt. Cash helps.


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