Friday, May 31, 2013

Fun in San Diego

As part of our Disneyland trip last week, we had the chance to hang out with my brother Noah and his family in San Diego for a while. How we love them! My kids can't get enough of their little cousins and we loved playing at the beach, visiting the seals, jumping on the trampoline, and eating amazing Mexican food - amazing tacos at a little hole-in-the-wall authentic restaurant and Kristi's signature grilled fish tacos at their house. We had the added bonus of going to church with the Noah Eyres and watching Noah do a first-rate impersonation of Joseph Smith in Primary. And we got to spend time with Kristi's mom and sister which was great.

Here's the story of our time with Noah and family in photos:

We found this sign after all the fun climbing. Oops.

Awesome poses by Cubby and Noah while everyone did cartwheels and handstands on the lovely bluff overlooking the ocean (while Jared looked for Isaac who'd wandered off...)

And we capped off our time in San Diego by visiting Balboa Park - a place we loved when we visited several years ago. The kids totally remembered the earlier visit and we got some photos in some of the same places. Love the architecture and landscaping and vibe of that place - fun to just stroll around even though we didn't have time to actually go inside any museums this time.

This year:

Back in 2008:

This year:
Back in 2008:

This year:

 Back in 2008:


Eyrealm said...

Those comparisons are amazing! Noah looked spectacular as Joseph Smith. Who knew? What a fun trip!

Rachelle said...

I think I need Noah to visit MY primary!! :)

shawni said...

SOOO fun Sar. Love it.


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