Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 9: Church and the Beach with the Timothys

We had a leisurely Sunday morning at the Shumway house. Saydi made us AMAZING waffles. It was fun going to church with them and meeting many of their friends. And it was great seeing Jeff in action as the bishop.

After church, we headed up to Newberryport to spend some time with our dear friend Eva Timothy. I met Eva when I was a missionary in Bulgaria and she was the friendliest, brightest teenager I'd ever met. She had recently joined the Church with here family and was always eager to help us missionaries with everything. She'd taught herself perfect American English and her dream was to go to America for college.

At the end of my mission, I asked my parents if they might be interested in being Eva's sponsors so that she could come to the US for school. My parents thought that that was a great idea, and Eva became sort of a foster sister to all of us while she lived with my family off and on during college. She went on to marry the wonderful son of one of my parents best friends named Adam (Adam and Eva... isn't that great?). She now has three beautiful children and has become a very accomplished photographer. Here's her website if you want to check it out:

It was so great to catch up with Eva a bit walking along the beach while the kids hunted for sea creatures. Eva is so full of life, light, and love.

Sadly, we had to cut our visit a bit short, because billions of little bugs swarmed the beach and started eating us alive. But luchily we get to see the Timothys again at our Bear Lake reunion.  


Cheryl said...

Did you know Elder Murray in Bulgaria? I grew up with him and he and his wife (who is my BFF) named a daughter Eva after a girl on his mission. Just wondering if this possibly could be the one? You know how small the Mormon world is.

Eyrealm said...

WOW! So fun to see this all "our kids" together!

Liz said...

Saren, this has nothing to do with this post, I just wanted to thank you for something. The other day I was on the couch nursing my baby. My barely-4 year old needed help in the bathroom, so I went in there, with my baby still nursing, and came out to find my 2 year old with desitin all over her face. I almost yelled at her when I decided instead to get out my camera. And as I started to clean her off I thought, at least it's not smeared into the carpet. So thank you for sharing your motherhood experiences to help me put things into perspective.

Alicia Conway said...

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charity said...

love the pic of the girls running. what a fun day! can't wait to be all together!!!


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