Friday, February 15, 2008

Her Royal Highness Eliza's Birthday

What a birthday this girl had! She planned the whole party on her own and had me write down shopping lists and to-do lists and everything. And it seems that everything turned out just as our little princess hoped (thank heavens). She was delighted and sweet all day and it was a really fun day for everyone. Here's the story in pictures:
We started off the day with Eliza's favorite breakfast - oatmeal (Ashton was appalled that she didn't pick something more exciting but I was relieved) and did family presents before school. Eliza got a tea set - a real porcelain one like she's been wanting for a long long time.
Liza's "Royal Tea Party" started at 2:30pm with her three good girl friends. They were SO delighted about the whole thing and were super polite to each other - "would you care for some more grapes?" "why certainly"... We had classical music playing and they were so darn cute as they politely chatted over their "apple tea" (apple juice), grapes and cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches. Then they diligently worked on making bracelets for themselves until the boys showed up at 3:30.
When the boys arrived, Liza asked me if it was time for the Royal Ball to begin. I didn't really know a Ball was on the agenda but the boys were very obliging and I turned up the music, they paired up and danced together for quite a long time - I was pretty surprised - but they all seemed to really enjoy it. At the end of the "Ball," Eliza chased after her dance partner (Silas) with this toy ring she had saying, "wait, prince, you've got to give me this ring and ask me to marry you!" Silas was a bit confused but finally took the ring and gave it to her - she was delighted, he was still confused but happy to make her happy. Telling of things to come?
After the Ball, we made crowns (I highly recommend Burger King crowns and a bunch of stickers!), had a story about dragons and princesses acted out by the kids, opened presents and decorated cookies.

The whole thing turned out remarkably well considering that I couldn't get the twins down for a nap and they both had stinky diapers just as the girls were arriving for the tea party, then Jared got caught up with stuff at work and I hadn't really planned for anyone else to help me out with these 12 little kids. The kids were really really good - but wow - I was SO tired by the end! I had to be totally "up" and totally "on" for quite a few hours straight there which really takes it out of me. Then Valentine's Day was the very next day so I wanted to have all this stuff ready for Jared and the kids for that - these back to back events (like Christmas, Jared's birthday and Ashton's birthday) really wear me out.
This little girl of ours is everything you could ever want in a little girl - sweet (she's always offering to help me with things and so often tells me she loves me and loves giving me little back scratches while I work on the computer), cute (a woman at a store the other day was staring at Liza and came up to me and said, "that little girl is GORGEOUS" - I have to agree. She's got these striking and unusual features - and these goofy teeth to keep her humble), chatty (sometimes I do wish there was an "off" button), imaginative (she loaned her imaginary friend "Frizzle" to her best friend Olivia for a few days and missed her sorely but kept emphasizing how glad she was that Olivia and Frizzle could have some time together), helpful (she LOVES to help with the twins, set the table, help make dinner), artistic (you've seen her bed-decorating skills - and her artwork is getting better and better - she's got a real eye for color and style, even in the outfits she comes up with), and yes, very dramatic and emotional (watch out if Liza thinks something is unfair or if her feelings get badly hurt or her plans get really messed up - the sobbing and splotchy face is pretty pathetic). Oh, we love our little Liza!


shawni said...

Looks like a great party, Sar. SUre love that Eliza Lu.

Jonah & Aja said...

it is so great to read about the party. little liza is still so shy and putting her head tilted sideways on her shoulder until i tickle her. then she is all friendly and laughing hysterically. i'm so glad she had a great birthday. well done on the party saren.

eyre blog said...

What a fun birthday idea. Liza looked like she was glowing! You are AMAZING Saren.


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