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For your reading pleasure and convenience, here are the most-read posts from the past year (oldest to newest):

Serious Excitement about Jobs and Earning Money
Summer Deals
Ahh...Bear Lake
The Grand Teton Relay
Thirteen Years - Reflections on Marriage
Grocery Store Adventures
It could be worse...
About my Sisters
My favorite things about motherhood
My least favorite things about motherhood
Moments happen when I get out of the way
Children for Children Concert
Our Approach to Christmas Presents
Our Christmas Card
A beautiful rite of passage
Is it really so hard to feed our kids healthy food?
Maybe I'm secretly French?
Why I'm going to Australia on Tuesday
Jealous Pitty Party
Q and A: Tricky Questions (can a 7-year-old know if he's gay?)
Adventures in Sydney
Amazing Mums in Sydney, Australia

And some of my most popular posts were my recipe posts that I do once in a while but I didn't include them on the list above. You can check them out here if you like (I'll get around to doing more soon - I was trying to do one a week but that sort of doesn't happen...):

Feel free to share your favorites with friends!

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Nansi H said...

You may find this note a little far out, but there is a picture in your blog when you are in Bulgaria that is of particular interest to me and my daughter. In this photo, you are holding my adopted daughter Nansi. It looks like the photo was taken before we even knew Nansi would one day be our daughter. We don't have any pictures of Nansi when she was this young, but when we all looked at the photo, we agreed that it is without doubt, our little girl you are holding. She is the one in your left arm looking off to the side. She is 16 years old now and starting to have so many questions about her life in the orphanage. These are questions I cannot answer because we were only allowed in one room. My daughter has asked that I write you to see if there is anything you can share with her, about the place she called home for 2 1/2 years of her life. Possibly you may have more photos? My email address is sholt@holtcstore.com. We live in wilmington , nc and would love to hear from you. Looking through your blog I can say I am impressed with the outreach you and your family are involved in.
Thank you for your time,

Stephanie Holt


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