Sunday, June 22, 2008

Great Artists - My Last Summer Workshop

Well, my summer workshops are officially over. This was really fun. The kids got a lot more out of these workshops than I even hoped and their friends and friends' parents were really enthusiastic and excited about the whole thing. My last workshop was Great Artists. We learned about different artists and went over the basics of different mediums and different styles of art. We did a lot of sketching, tried our hand at sculpting and did lots of painting. One of the kids' favorite parts was learning about Jackson Pollock and creating our own big Pollock-style painting. We all had paint all over our clothes and in our hair by the end of that day! But we created a fun masterpiece.

The twins got in on the action at the end of each class. Ashton or a girl from the ward babysat them downstairs during class each time, but at the end they got to try their hand at art. Here's Silas with what I'll call "Brown #1". What he lacks in talent he makes up for in enthusiasm!
Here was my best attempt during the class. Looking back at all my art history stuff to do this class reminded me how much I love art and inspired me to pull out art stuff more often and do a lot more art alongside my kids. There's nothing like art to really get your creative juices going.

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brittanimae said...

So inspiring! I'm totally stealing your ideas one of these years . . . you know, when I get time. . . .


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