Friday, June 13, 2008

The twins can SWIM!

We just finished our two weeks of swimming lessons and all the kids have improved but the twins have totally taken off. They loved their teacher "Weesa" (Lisa) and were very sad to hear they wouldn't be swimming with her every day any more. When we went down to the pool today to swim, Silas asked "Mommy, will you peetend to be Weesa today and swim with us?" Whenever Lisa would tell them about something new to try, they'd both jump up and down with anticipation and say "me, me, me! I raised my hand! I'm ready!" "It's my turn! I can do it!" If you want to see enthusiasm, just spend a little time with Ollie and Si!

After showing off the stuff they learned in swim lessons to their proud Dad today, they went on to become even more confident in the water. They're swimming like little fish now - jumping off the side of the pool with glee and swimming over to the side by themselves, doing flips in the air when Jared tosses them up, swimming both under and over water really competently. And the best thing about it is that they're so totally happy and proud and excited about the whole thing and they're SO cute as they come up out of the water sputtering but somehow keeping a huge grin on their faces the whole time.

Here's the best video clip I got during swim lessons:

And here are some favorite swim lesson photos:
Liza and her best friend Olivia who can never quite get enough of each other -
they both really progressed a lot in swim lessons!
Ollie and Si in one of their favorite places - they crank up the hot water
and hang out in the pool shower for a long as we let them.
Liza's super cute swimming class - teacher Lisa, Natalie, Liza and Olivia

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