Friday, January 22, 2016

Recipes We Love

After going to my nephew Max's farewell last weekend (plenty of photos of that on Instagram here!), I've been thinking a lot more about the fact that we only have two and a half years left before Ashton can go on a mission - or until he leaves for college - not sure which will come first! I'm feeling a real urgency to get moving on all the trips we want to take together as a family and building my relationship with him. And on a practical level, I'm feeling like I need to teach this boy to cook and get going on typing up and posting tried-and-true recipes on this blog so that wherever my kids are in the world, they can always come here to find a recipe that will be healthy and inexpensive and easy to make - and that will hopefully bring a little taste of our home to them wherever they are.
I posted a bunch of recipes a while back (I was trying to post one a week).

Then I sort of fizzled out on posting recipes. But it's time to get going again. So whenever I make something that fits the bill (a family favorite that is generally healthy, inexpensive and simple), I'm going to get it posted here. 


Jonah and Aja said...


Unknown said...

Ooo, I am hoping for some crockpot recipes!

Unknown said...
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Matilda Blanche said...

Hi Saren, thank you so much for sharing your favorite recipies! I made "Jonah`s Granola" and we had it for breakfast this Sunday morning. We absolutely loved it! I think I will give it to friends as a present. Thanks again!

Jeanette Millward said...

Got here from the show notes on the POM podcast (I LOVE all your podcasts, btw). So excited to check all these recipes out. I'm in a rut and totally burned out when it comes to meal planning, even though I usually love to cook and eat healthy food. This podcast came at just the right time!


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