Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is the view from my back porch right now.

I've heard a lot of theories about what it might be like when we die and meet our Maker. Some say He'll ask us about our important roles as parents and siblings and daughters and sons. Some think He'll ask about how we fulfilled our callings or what we did with the talents and blessings He gave us. But the most interesting thought I've heard came from a friend of my dad who has an interesting outlook on a whole lot of things. He thinks God will ask us questions like "So, what did you think of those mountains outside your window all those years?" or "What did you think of those sunsets?" or "What were some of your favorite trees?" This friend went on to say that he suspects a lot of people will be sort of confused and stammer out something in response, but that the pure in heart will have great answers since appreciation of God's creations should go hand in hand with knowing and appreciating God Himself.

This response has stuck with me since I heard it years and years ago. And I guess it stuck with my parents as well since they raised us to notice and appreciate nature all the time. As I got older and noticed that many people around me didn't seem to have the same awe and excitement about nature that I did, I was sort of surprised. How could they not notice such wonderful treats for the eyes that could brighten their days and re-confirm God's love for them? How could they go about their daily business and not even seem to see the beauty around every corner? I guess we all notice what we've been taught to notice, so it makes sense that many people don't think about nature all that much.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying that I am SO grateful for the beauty that surrounds me here in St George. I can't get enough of the way Red Mountain glows so richly when the light first hits it each morning (I can see it from my bed - how blessed am I?). I rejoice in the rare and wonderful smell of rain in the desert, the way the rain deepens the colors, and the amazing rainbows we see so often. I marvel at the blue, blue, blue skies against the terra cotta of hills or the green green grass of the golf courses when its next to the red dirt. I can't help but point out all the golden and red leaves I see (got to treasure the signs of fall you can find here in the desert!). And the sunsets lately - wow! The vibrant pinks fading to gray-purple fading to a gentle glow. Don't even get me started on the stars - they are SO bright here with all these light-pollution ordinances - somehow they seem closer when they are so bright.

Nature helps me feel God's love so deeply and gives me such joy. I hold myself back from posting too many nature photos and nature descriptions but I just had to share this today.
This is the view out the window in my bedroom right now. I love how this window frames this tree so well.
Here are some cottonwood trees in the wash behind the house. This picture doesn't really do them justice - I wish you could see them shimmer with gold in the late afternoon sun. I had a dream the other night that some guy came through with a bulldozer and took out these trees and I was so mad I woke up shaking. I guess I really love these trees.

This was the sunset last night.

Here's another sunset - same place, totally different look.

P.S. Now it's Friday and it rained all night and we woke up to the most beautifully drenched colors outside our windows. The twins burst into our room at 7:30 this morning saying "A RAINBOW! A RAINBOW!" A rainbow is always a cause for celebration around here. We all hung out on the back porch to watch it get brighter, then dimmer, then finally fade away all together. I think we're all going to have a very good day (even though it is Friday the 13th. But then Jared and I went on our first date on a Friday the 13th so it's always a favorite with me.) Here's a glimpse of the beautiful scene God gave us as a nice little surprise this morning. It was cute to hear Silas thank God for the rainbow three times in his prayer at breakfast!

Can you see the rainbow shadow? It was a full double rainbow. Wish I could have got a shot showing the whole thing but I couldn't get back far enough.


Eyrealm said...

Man I wouldn't leave that beauty for anything!

Dina C said...

How lucky your children are to grow up surrounded by that.

Saren said...

Dina, how lucky YOUR children are to be growing up surrounded by the amazing beauty of Colorado! I love the many different kinds of beauty and the fact that beauty can be found EVERYWHERE.

Anita and Tal said...


Love the Cub quote! We talk about that quote a lot. Mozambique has some beautiful beaches so we are appreciating His work from here!



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