Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh, the Bickering!!!

I woke up this morning and laid in bed for a few more minutes, feeling so relaxed and happy that I have no camps to worry about today - I've got a free week ahead of me with very few things scheduled - just time to read with the kids and go down to the pool when we feel like it and get some little projects done around the house and just bask in unscheduledness. But right now, as Ashton and Isaac bicker their little heads off while doing the dishes, it's not seeming quite so fun to have all this unstructured time with the kids this week! The boys just finished fighting about whether or not a spot on a plate was a stain or could be scrubbed off and then went on to whether or not the water has to be on when you turn on the garbage disposal and Ashton just pushed Isaac and Isaac said "That feels good" so Ashton promptly pushed him again, harder, and now Isaac's crying. Oh, these are beautiful moments! Unstructured time and doing the jobs I assign them seem to lead directly to a lot of bickering between these boys about some of the dumbest things ever. I should write down more of the topics of their arguments - truly silly stuff for the most part. Then the twins get into it - poking each other and proding each other until someone freaks out. Then Liza gets in the mix and gets in someone's way and ends up squealing - hate that squeal. But the great part is that nothing seems to last for more than a few moments and then everyone's happy and playing together as best friends again - until the next issue arises anyway.

It's interesting to see how arguements and bickering breed more of the same. And happiness and sharing and being kind breeds more of the same. If I can just get things going on the right track, they pick up their own momentum and keep going pretty well. So I'd better stop this blogging for the day and go get the kids going on something nice and happy - maybe another read-a-thon. A little structure goes a long way for these guys in setting the tone and setting up good patterns for how they treat each other on into the rest of the day...


King & Queen of Hart's said...

Stock and Briggs aren't really to the fighting stage yet, however Stock has no problem taking something away from Brigham and telling me, "Mommy, he don't want that." nice. I love seeing you guys on tuesdays, its such a nice break for the kids adn I. If you get a chance will you e-mail me that number for the swim person :)

April P. said...

You're so right about a little structure going a long way. Bickering is clearly part of life with children, but it's nice to know that we, as moms, can help them through it! You're such a good example!


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