Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Cascade Falls

Weekend before last we decided to get out of this heat and explore some new places. We went in the mountains above Cedar City - a gorgeous drive - and drank in the beauty and coolness of a new favorite spot called Cascade Falls. The views along the hike were breathtaking and it felt so good to need a sweatshirt!

After driving over an hour and having a hard time finding the trailhead we were looking for, we were pretty disappointed to find a "danger - trail closed" sign when we finally found the trail. But Jared went up ahead and found out that there was just a minor little wash-out in one spot of the trail so we forged on. The possibility of "danger" thoroughly thrilled the twins. Around every corner, they kept saying "is there danger here?" in these excited voices. We've definitely got some thrill-seekers in these little boys of ours!

We finished off the day by going to a pre-show at the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City (the kids aren't quite ready for a full show but the free "Greenshow" they do there each night with acrobats and singing and dancing was just the right thing for them). Oliver was particularly taken with the music and all the kids were delighted by the old English fare we sampled - jam tarts and meat pies - they were so excited about it. They also loved seeing the displays of costumes and photos from different Shakespeare plays and it was fun to teach them a bit about Shakespeare as I reached way back into my high school and college English days.

Beauty and culture always makes me happy. This was a great day. There's nothing like getting out and exploring new places and exposing the kids to exciting new things to make me fall in love with my family and the beauty and variety of the world all over again.


Eyrealm said...

Wow, great pictures Saren! Those little guys just kill me! FUN!

Elle said...

Tell Ashton that he has got an awesome sweatshirt!!! haha


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