Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Reinventing Dreams

Sooner or later the vast majority of us will see one of our cherished dreams die (or at least experience a serious illness).  My sister, Shawni, experienced the death of one of her dreams last year when her sweet little girl, Lucy, was diagnosed with a rare syndrome that causes obesity, heart and kidney problems and blindness. She dreamed of a life for her family and for Lucy that is not going to happen in quite the way she'd envisioned.  But Shawni and her whole family have offered amazing inspiration to me and to so many others as they've moved on from mourning the death of one dream to embracing a new reality and building a new dream full of challenge, learning, growth - and beauty.

Shawni wrote a beautiful article about her experience on Dare to Dream (the website of one of our Advisory Board members, Whitney Johnson).  Click here to read Shawni's post and to ponder Whitney's great questions about reinventing dreams.  At the end of the article, you'll see some easy ways that you can get involved in helping Lucy and other children like her.

To read more about Shawni and Lucy, you can read Shawni's article on The Power of Moms website: When Your Fears are Confirmed.


Eyrealm said...

Love it Saren! Shawni has a pretty great sister too!

shawni said...

Sar this is so beautiful. Thank you so much and I love you dearly.

Love, Shas


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