Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fresh Air and Fun

Outside time is a good thing.  On Monday (President's Day), I spent 5 hours outside sledding and playing with my kids in the sun and I felt like a whole new woman.  I've been inside far too much lately - sitting at my computer for many many hours every day working on our our new Power of Moms website plus getting stuff set up for our April Retreat (if you were thinking about signing up, you might want to do it soon because wow, the thing is filling right up).  I was getting down and frustrated and overworked and grumpy and I was just plowing on through, forgetting that what always makes me feel better is doing something outside.

I know I need outside time - that's part of how I'm wired.  For years, I got my weekly outside "fix" from hiking and biking as a family every Saturday.  But then we moved here and the cold and snow made me feel like I had to pretty much be indoors.  I shoveled snow a few times and that gave me a great outdoor fix and we've walked downtown a couple times which was great.  But I'd been mostly ignoring my fresh-air-and-outside-exercise need.

Thanks to a beautiful bright snowy day, a school holiday and an invitation from friends, I found myself finally getting what I needed - while giving my kids what they needed.  The mountains were so beautiful in the distance, the snow was so sparkly, the sun was so warm.  And the rush of speeding down a steep hill, not knowing really where you might end up, is sure a lot of fun - especially when you've got a couple of your favorite little people on the sled with you, squealing in glee and you all end up in a laughing pile at the bottom of the hill.  Priceless.
OK - picture a big smile on my face - I think I was trying to steer us back on course here.
And don't worry - I actually didn't choke Silas with that rope.  This is just the only photo I've got with me in it.  And want to remember I was there and I really did do quite a bit of sledding.

Play is important.  Getting out of the house is important.  Sun and fresh air are important.  Being with friends is important.  Even though it's a hassle to out of the house.  Even though there are always so many important things on your to-do list.  Get up.  Get out.  It's worth it.

I WILL spend some serious time outside every week and get out at least a little pretty much ever day - even if it's just a quick walk around the block.

And Emily, thanks for the photos!


Sarah said...

Saren I feel the same...I need outside time but often I have to be forced to get out there in the cold...and I come back in feeling so much better.
Those pictures are fantastic!

Sees-the-Day said...

Hey Saren,

Loved what you wrote. Being in Fresh air and getting some exercise do some magic to the soul. Sounds like you got both of them. Thanks for the link you sent me:)
Obicham te. Tzeluvki, Eva


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