Monday, November 14, 2011


Gratitude Day 14

Today I'm grateful for bedtime. Sometimes I'm grateful for bedtime because it means I can "clock out" for the day as the mom and spend some time with Jared and maybe accomplish a few things w/o being interrupted. But today I'm thinking about how grateful I am for the beautiful moments that happen with my kids at bedtime.

I love hearing the kids's sweet prayers. I love it when we have time to read or tell bedtime stories - and I love seeing their eyes go wide or fill with compassion or concern as I tell about something from my childhood or a share a story from a book I'm reading. I love that the twins and Liza still ask me for lullabies. I love that Ashton opens up and tells me stuff if I take the time to sit on his bed for a bit - and that he still readily accepts and seems to like a hug from me - even if he doesn't totally reciprocate. I love Isaac's sleepy smile as I tell him what I appreciated about him that day. I love how both Ollie and Si always beg for "one more hug" (even though sometimes it gets old). I love how Eliza always says "You're the best mom in the world" as I blow her a kiss and close her door and I always say "You're the best girl in the world." I love all these little "I love you rituals" - especially when I get things rolling for bedtime early enough that things aren't rushed and frustrated.

And I love my own bedtime (which I should be more strict about so I'm going to bed in like 2 minutes). I remember one time my uncle was babysitting me when I was a little kid and I was complaining about going to bed. He said "Some day, you'll be SO excited to go to bed. You'll wish you could go to bed even sooner and you'll think bedtime is just great." I remember thinking he was crazy and vowing that would NEVER be me.  Well, he was right. I love bedtime for me. I love praying with Jared, arms linked. I love getting in bed and reading a few verses of scripture. I love snuggling up to my warm husband on a cold night like tonight. And with that, I'm off to bed.

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