Saturday, November 19, 2011

airplanes, bikes, great food - and moms

Gratitude Day 17: Airplanes

Thursday I flew to Arizona for a Power of Moms Retreat. I hopped on a plane in freezing Salt Lake City and got off just an hour and a half later in sunny Phoenix. How awesome is it that we can get on a plane in one place and show up somewhere far far away just a little bit later? Yes, security is a big pain (juggling your shoes while extracting your lap top and digging out all the liquids in your toiletries is not exactly fun) and sure, packed planes can be rather uncomfortable. And yep, it's a bit annoying that airlines now charge for everything - checking luggage, food, etc.  But you know what? Airplanes are quite miraculous and are a huge blessing.

Gratitude Day 18: Bikes and Warm Weather

It is warm here.  It is gorgeously perfectly warm here. I miss warmness. And I miss my bike. So when Shawni's daughter Grace left her bike at school and we needed to go pick it up, I volunteered to ride it home. Sure, it was a little small for me and it's pink and has a cute basket on the front. But I felt like a bike ride and wanted that outside time.

I was totally laughing at myself as I wrote that little pink bike. And I had a lot of little kids and serious bikers give me some very curious and surprised looks. I took the long way to Shawni's house and enjoyed every minute of my ride. Plus I got a great thigh work out because that seat was so low.

Sometimes doing something pretty darn odd-looking is just fun. It totally reminded me of the time I had to ride a super-slow "Jazzy" scooter into Costco and got some similar quizzical looks. Check out this post about that thrill ride here if you want.

Gratitude Day 19: Awesome moms and wonderful free food

Our Retreat today was wonderful. Totally wonderful. There are such great moms in this world - and I love seeing how they help and lift and learn from each other. I learn a lot at every single Retreat from fellow presenters and attendees and always wish I had longer to bask in the presence and ideas of the great women who attend. It was wonderful presenting with Shawni and with April and I loved having great speakers from American Mothers as well plus Shawni's friend Nichole who was not only a great speaker but also a fabulous and amazingly helpful hostess.

I'm also so grateful to Wildflower Bread Company for sponsoring our lunch at the Retreat. They were SO kind. We just asked for a discounted lunch as a partial sponsorship to help defray our costs but they decided to GIVE us a whole beautiful lunch of seriously delicious sandwiches, salads, drinks and desserts. It was just the nicest thing. And it was the most lovely and tasty lunch we've ever had at a Retreat. I just wish I'd had more time to eat - I was too busy talking.

I'll post photos and more info later but I had to just say this for now before I collapse. It's been a long, full and wonderful couple of days!

What are you grateful for today?

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Sheila said...

So true about airplanes. The best thing ever? Getting on the airplane at 1am in December in Alaska, taking a little nap, waking up in the morning (five hours later) in paradise. Hawaii!

SO thankful for airplanes!


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