Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bear Lake Photo Shoot

At Bear Lake, we were blessed to have our dear friend and almost-sister Eva and her family with us for a few days. I met Eva on my mission in Bulgaria and talked my parents into sponsoring her so she could come to the US for college. She became a wonderful addition to the family. But now she lives on the East Coast and we don't get to see her very much. So it was really great to have Eva with us for part of our reunion this year, have her kids to get to know their Eyre "cousins," and have some good time with her and her husband Adam (Adam and Eva, isn't that great?).

Adam and Eva's son got baptized in the lake while we were there - such a beautiful highlight for all of us.

And since Eva just happens to be an amazing award-winning photographer, she was kind enough to take our family photos this year. (Check out her work at

She did SUCH a great job!

Here's the full group (click to make larger - and keep in mind that it was VERY windy - miraculous that Eva was able to get some good shots!):

 And here are some great shots she captures of just our family:


Thanks Eva! Obecham te! (I love you in Bulgarian)

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Eyrealm said...

Eva is THE BEST! How blessed we are to know her!


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