Monday, July 06, 2009

Our Little Prizefighter

So this is how Silas woke up yesterday.

We're thinking it's a bug bite. He gets pretty swollen up with every bug bite he gets. It doesn't bother him a bit but we got lots of comments at church! Jared called him our little prizefighter all day and after admiring himself in the mirror, Silas said, "Hey, I wook kind of wike a cyclops!" Then he asked me if his eyeball was still in there and I pried his eye apart a bit to show him that it was indeed still in there. He was relieved and said, "Oh good, I was worried my eyeball went down to my toes."

Here's the little cyclops getting ready to ride a horse later in the day.
He's looking better today. Hopefully he'll be a two-eyed boy instead of a cyclops before too long!


Noah said...

Crikie Saren! he looks like Eli in Oregon. Love you and can't wait to see you at the lake

brittanimae said...

Eep! At least he waited until after the Fourth of July! Poor guy.

shawni said...

That's quite a bite. I miss those "little guys"!!


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