Friday, August 14, 2009

Star of the Month and Baptism Boy - Isaac

OK, it's been a while since I spotlighted Ashton but now is the perfect time to spotlight sweet Isaac who turned 8 this summer and got baptized in Bear Lake. How did he get so big so fast?

The night before each kid's birthday, I tell them all about their original birthday and let their siblings listen in as I show them pictures and tell them all the details I can remember. They eat it right up - who doesn't like an adventure with YOU as the star of the story? It's so fun to relive those beautiful days and tell the story with all the excitement and suspense I can muster up.

Isaac was the most exciting, most amazing and in many ways, best delivery. It started to dawn on me that I was in labor when I sat down in the midwife's waiting room for my regular check-up and those Braxton-Hicks were starting to feel more like the real thing. The midwife took a quick look and confirmed my suspicions - I was already at a 6 - and sent me across the street to the hospital - she said she'd be right behind me. I frantically tried to call Jared who was in some "clean room" checking out the computer chip-making machines he sold for work and had no cell phone reception - argh!!!! They were so SLOW getting me admitted while the pains were quite suddenly quite serious. I finally reached Jared and he rushed over. I asked about an epidural and a call was put in to the anesthesiologist - but things were happening fast and the midwife told me she'd talk me through everything and it would be fine one way or another. Isaac was born about 1/2 hour after I got to the hospital - and about 15 minutes after Jared arrived. The labor was super painful but the midwife talked me through the pain and when that little boy popped out, I've never felt such an amazing natural high. Something about really feeling that intense pain seems to heighten the joy just a bit.

Isaac came out perfect - calm, sweet, and beautiful. He was as dark as Ashton was light and I felt I'd got my wish -I'd hoped that with two boys so close together in age they'd be really different so there'd be less competition - and I sure got what I wanted - these boys are so different from each other in wonderful ways!

Ashton took to Isaac immediately. One of my all-time favorite moments was when Ashton first saw his little brother and there was this beautiful look on his face that seemed to say "There you are! I've been so excited to get you down to this earth to be with me!" Ashton reached out his chubby little arms and pulled Isaac in tight and instinctively started rocking that little baby back and forth. Isaac and Ashton have heard this story plenty of times - they get to hear it whenever they aren't getting along - I'm always reminding them that they were best friends even before they came to earth - so they'd better act like it!
Isaac was the best little baby - the best nurser, the smiliest, cutest little guy, never a moment's trouble - other than the massive amounts of spit-up and drool he constantly put out!
Check out that drool - and those eyelashes!

What was true in the delivery room continues to be true. Isaac is as sweet and loving as a child can be - plus he's proven to be a super hard worker, a great athlete, and an all-around great kid. I loved seeing him with all his little cousins this summer - he loves little kids (especially babies) so much and he's so good with them. He and Grace totally took care of little 1-year-old Lyla for a day and had so much fun with her. Lucy (who seems quite discerning in who she likes to have around) and Elsie (who used to yell out for Isaac in church when she lived by us) couldn't get enough of this Isaac. He treats everyone - especially little babies - with such interests and respect that they can't help but like him. And enthusiasm - Isaac is always up for anything from hard work projects to fun hikes to challenging bike rides to anything else. Isaac is always fun to have around. He loves good food - states that guacamole, baby octopus and sushi are his favorite things - along with cookies and candy and anything sweet - he has a serious sweet tooth. He's very thankful and very friendly - two really great and somewhat rare qualities in kids. These traits make him quickly liked by adults and kids alike. Oh how we love our Isaac!

Isaac's "second birth" - his baptism this summer - was much like that first birth in many ways. It was unique (he was baptized in Bear Lake), it was Spirit-drenched, it was beautiful, and it left me with a natural high. But it was sure a lot less painful and crazy! There's nothing like seeing your child go into the waters of baptism with their worthy father and come out literally glowing with joy. Isaac was so excited to get baptized and took his preparation for his baptism very seriously. He really understands many important concepts of the gospel and has an earnest desire to be good and to make others happy.

Being somewhat in the middle of our family, Isaac sometimes doesn't seem to get enough special attention so it was extra nice that his baptism could be so extra special. It worked out perfectly that he could get baptized with his best friend and cousin Grace in Bear Lake with every one of his Eyre relatives and many of his Loosli relatives as well (more than would have been able to attend if we'd held the baptism in St George so it worked out pretty well for everyone). Plus it was pretty cool that Isaac got to wear the baptism outfit that my grandma made for my father - and it was fun to see that it fit him exactly - fun to picture my dad with the very same build and height as Isaac at 8 years old.

Isaac with Jared's brothers Aaron and Brian and their families
With Grandma Loosli
With Grandma Great - my dad's mom who made that little baptism outfit for my dad

We had a lovely little program with freshly returned missionary Charity giving a talk on baptism and a bunch of the grandkids sang a song.

Then we went down to the beach. It was quite early in the morning so we were able to avoid all the commotion of boats and jetskis and four-wheelers on the 24th of July weekend. It was quiet and beautiful on so many levels.

Gracie went first.
Then Isaac.
Nice to have a strong dad who can carry you when your wet pants are so hard to walk in!

Then we all headed up to my parents' house on the hill for Isaac's confirmation and a big brunch. Gracie's Pothier grandma gave a beautiful talk on the Holy Ghost and then Grace and Isaac received the gift of the Holy Ghost from their fathers with their uncles standing in the priesthood circle. I loved seeing Isaac surrounded by all these wonderful men who love him and who he looks up to so much - what a beautiful sight! I love how the priesthood works and how it provides such meaningful ways for the male members of a child's family to be such an integral part of that child's rites of passage.
These kids will be getting baptized in a couple years - they were paying close attention
- so great to have older cousins and siblings who are good examples

Isaac and Gracie - Best cousins who now share a very special baptism day
With Ana whose birthday didn't quite come in time to get baptized with these two -
she'll follow them in a couple weeks.
Here are the same three kids when Ana was 2 days old (on the right).
Where did the time go?

What a day! What a wonderful son we have in Isaac. I'm so grateful for this excellent boy of mine!


shawni said...

I agree...he's a pretty great kid! That sure was a great day.

Jonah and Aja said...

i love you ike, my little worker buddy. i like the welcome home baloon in the picture.

Allison said...

What a beautiful day! My oldest, Dallin, will be baptized in October and your entire post made me so excited for that day! How special to be baptized in the beautiful lake and with his cousin. Dallin will also be baptized with his girl cousin and the other "triplet cousin" just misses the date...just like Issac and his cousins!

p.s. I love your dress. can you tell me where you go it? It is so hard to find cute dresses these days! :)


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