Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Amazing Travels

I'm sure lots of you might already be following my parents' blog about all their amazing adventures traveling and speaking around the world. But just in case - here's the link:

And my brother Talmadge and his new wife Anita are spending their "honeymoon" traveling and doing humanitarian service in Africa, the Middle East and now India (where they've met up with my parents and sister Charity to all serve together at a school for the children of lepers). Here's their blog:

The kids and I have loved participating vicariously in their adventures through their blogs. We've loved learning about people who are so rich they're worried about their kids turning out OK (my parents speak to some high-powered groups of parents as they travel) and we've learned about lots of people who are so poor they're worried about getting their kids the basic necessities of life. We've seen beautiful things (the Taj Mahal, the great architecture and art of various places, the beautiful colors of India, the faces of gorgeous children of all colors). We've seen sad things (the feet and hands of lepers, the humble homes, the dirty streets, the children in rags). I'm so grateful for this chance to give my children a larger view of the world through these blogs and I thought you might enjoy doing the same.

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Eyrealm said...

Thanks for this Saren! It's always nice to know that someone's actually "looking in". What a life-changing adventure we've had!


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