Friday, March 19, 2010

Pinewood Derby

So it's been a couple weeks - but the Pinewood Derby was quite a crazy fun thing this year.  Jared, Ashton and Isaac decided to really get serious about their cars this year year and with this very helpful guy in our stake who is very generous with his time (the boys spent like 5 hours in his garage), really knows his stuff and has every possible tool known to man, they were able to build some pretty awesome cars.  The boys were thrilled with all the extra attention they got from their wonderful dad and enjoyed working hard to create something beyond mediocre this year. Plus it was a great bonding thing for these two great boys of mine who hadn't exactly been getting along all that well before the Pinewood Derby came along.

You might notice that these boys don't have any badges on their shirts.  They have earned lots of badges for various things, most of which goes completely over my head since their dad is the official Scouts parent and I'm a bit clueless.  My main job with Scouts is to get those badges onto those shirts.  I'll get around to it - someday!  I really love so many things about Scouts but finding time to sew is a real challenge for me and they have this new glue stuff - but somehow I haven't quite found the time to get to the scout store and buy the glue stuff.  Plus I actually did sew a bunch of badges on Ashton's shirt - then he lost it - and I just haven't felt up to  buying the badges again and going through the sewing process again with his new shirt.

I'm so proud of these big, strong, smart, kind boys of mine.  And so extra glad that they seem to be liking each other so much more lately. 


Kathryn said...

Ah, the badges. The bane of every Scout mom. I actually didn't mind sewing them on once I gathered a few and had the machine threaded with the right color of thread and focused on the project--but those were rare moments in my career as a scout mom/wife. Mostly, badges were just a guilt trip for me. Good luck tracking down the magic glue!

Sydney said...

Yes, the scout badges. I have one son who is close to receiving his Eagel. It has been quite a journey for me since I come from a family of all girls and our first three children are girls. So scouting was and can still sometimes be so foreign to me. My husband is the Scout Master, so......HA! I decided not to glue badges. Badges that are glued come off hard and leave a lot of marking on the shirt and sometimes cause fabric to tare. It is quite a process. Glue will also bleed through, so, if you glue, put something behind the shirt fabric so that the glue does not hit the back of the shirt. I bought my son a shirt that was large enough for several years...because of the badge sewing ordeal-ha! It worked out fine. Most likely, you will be able to pass shirts along to your other boys. Good luck to you.

Eyrealm said...

best pinewood cars I've ever seen

Eyrealm said...

Oh the memories this conjures! What adorable boys!

Kevin & Chelsey said...

I have used a glue gun and it works great. When it is time to remove just use the blow dryer to heat the glue to remove.


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