Friday, April 02, 2010

Abba in Arby's

I have to share another funny thing that happened a couple weeks ago that I keep forgetting to post about. I love the little moments of hilarity or oddity in our lives - they're like little gifts from Heaven to make us forget the hard stuff in our lives for a little while as we're overcome with the humor of the moment.

Anyway, on our way back home from the big Bull Sale in Idaho, we stopped at Arby's in Pocatello (I really don't like much when it comes to fast food but I've found that Arby's roast chicken club is actually tasty enough to be somewhat worth the calories). We placed the order and I sat down with the kids and Jared's mom (who needed to go with us to SLC to get her hip and knee problem checked).

As soon as we sat down in our two booths, this older man in a snappy tucked in t-shirt with a choir name on it came over and asked if his singing group could sing for us while we ate. We said sure. He asked where we'd like them to stand to perform - since we were the only people in the restaurant, they wanted to be sure we'd have a good view. We suggested they could perform right in front of us - there was a fair amount of room in the wide aisle between the booths where we were sitting and the next tables.

Momentarily, about 16 teenagers showed up and moved all the tables and chairs in the area out of the way. It seemed like they could just sing in the aisle - there was room. Why were they moving all the tables and chairs back?

Turns out this wasn't going to be any ordinary little choir performance. These kids put on a serious Abba medley (Dancing Queen, Take a Chance, all the good stuff) complete with lots of dancing, different singers taking turns standing on a table to sing a solo, facial expressions to augment the meaning of the lyrics, the whole works. They must have done like 10 songs with serious choreography. And they did it all practically in our laps.

Oliver and Silas were glued to the show, nodding along with the music. To them, this was probably the coolest, highest-quality show imaginable. And the group was actually quite good - some very nice voices and greaty choreographed dance moves. But something about having our own private Abba show going on practically on top of us while we ate fast food was just terribly funny - it was hard not to laugh out loud!

We sure got more than we bargained for when we headed into Arby's for a quick cheap dinner.  Bless those singers' hearts (and their director's heart) for treating us to so much fun in the midst of what was otherwise a pretty long, crowded and uneventful road trip.


passionofthemom said...

I'm so envious!! That is THE coolest thing I've ever heard of!! What a wonderful man, and a wonderful choir! =) Wish I had been there, too. ;)

Jonah and Aja said...

fantastic. . i just read that to aja and the kids and WOW.

Eyrealm said...


Allyson said...

What a riot! Did they just want to practice on someone or something? That is so random. (I LOVE Abba so I probably would have got caught up in the spontaneity of it all and joined in!)

Jen H. said...

ABBA is currently Gracie's favorite dancing music. We would have LOVED that!

Rachelle said...

That is awesome!! Arby's is always our stop in Winnemuca on our way to Salt Lake, we could use a little Abba and a live performance in the middle of no-where. What a great story!

April said...

I love these little moments. I'm STILL laughing about you riding through the parking lot in the automatic cart. So funny. Thanks for sharing!

Stacey said...

How funny! I bet the kids will remember that for a long time! I found you on Power of Moms.


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