Monday, April 19, 2010

Anyone Know How to Make a Great Video?

I love this video.  I really like the images and music and poem but what I really love is how it makes me feel.  I think we need more videos out there, helping moms FEEL the meaning and joy and beauty of motherhood in their hearts.

At The Power of Moms, we're holding a contest to get some inspiring and beautiful videos made that celebrate motherhood (sort of like the one above).  Video entries are due April 30th.  Then our website community will have the chance to vote on the top entries.  The winner will get a chance to come to our upcoming Premium Power of Moms Retreat for FREE plus we'll give her $200 towards her travel expenses to come to the Retreat  (The Retreat is June 11-12 in St George Utah - featuring my amazing mom as well as other great Power of Moms trainers - it's filling up so if you want to come, you'd better sign up soon!).

If you or anyone you know might like to share her talents with moms around the world through making us a fabulous video celebrating mothers, please check out the details on the contest here and/or forward this on to others who'd be interested:
Power of Moms YouTube Contest

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Felicity said...

Hi Saren! I've been reading your blog for a while now but this is my first time to comment :) I just wanted to say that I LOVED this video!! As I was watching my 8 year old was listening and I heard him say to his brother 'that's what mum's saying to us'. It was beautiful and touching (that refers to the video and my sons words :) thanks so much for sharing it.

ps) I hadn't thought of entering the competition over on power of moms....but now I am reconsidering....can my hubby help me with the editing side of it? or does it need to be all my own work??


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